EIGHT Vicious Attacks That WOULD Be News If ONE Detail Were Different

Written by Kenn Daily on January 12, 2017

While the brutal kidnapping and torture of a mentally challenged white teen in Chicago has garnered national media attention, other black-on-white violent crimes have gone unnoticed.

In each of the following, the white victims were allegedly killed by black suspects.

• Joseph Lamar Brown was arrested for the execution-style murder of John Pritchard. The crime occurred just two days before Christmas, 2016.

Reports say Brown broke into Pritchard’s home and demanded cash. The assailant fled the scene with the stolen cash, but not before fatally shooting the victim. Another person was hiding inside the home and ran for help.

Brown is a 19-year-old black male. His 46-year-old victim was white.

The crime was committed in Lincolnville, South Carolina.

• Philip Chism will spend 40 years to life in prison for the brutal rape and murder of his Danvers High School math teacher, Colleen Ritzer.

Chism was 14 when he forced his victim into a restroom where she was raped and murdered. The killer casually wheeled his deceased teacher from the school in a trash container. Reports say Chism later used his victim’s credit card to attend a movie.

The crime occurred in Massachusetts.

Ritzer’s family is furious. They believe Chism should have been given three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. The light sentence, however, was the result of a state Supreme Court decision requiring minors to be given a “meaningful chance at parole.”

Chism is black. His 24-years-old teacher was white.

• Nichole Elizabeth Gonzales, 27, and her mother, Vicki Ann Gonzales, 51 were murdered at a residence near Commerce, Texas. Arrested for the crime is Tyrone Jamaal Williams, 30; a black male.

Reports say a woman was heard screaming Williams’ name during a 911 emergency call. The women, both white, were apparently violently stabbed to death and were found lying in pools of blood.

Two small children were found alive in the home. Both belonged to Williams and the younger victim. The victims were both white. Williams is black.

• Margaret “Maggie” Elizabeth Daniels, 31, was raped and murdered in North Carolina. Sharman Odom, 36, entered a guilty plea to avoid the death sentence for the 2014 homicide.

Thedailymail.com described the murder scene:

Daniels’ lifeless body was discovered on June 28, 2014, on her bedroom floor by a neighbor who went inside after finding the door to the woman’s apartment open, according to WSOC. Officers say she was wearing only a pair of shorts, with a towel between her feet, and there were signs of a struggle. Semen found in the oral and rectal swabs suggested that she had been raped.

Odom is black. His victim was white.

• 25-year-old Cyron Stokes has been charged with first degree murder and malicious wounding. Stokes is black. His victim was white.

Amy Byrd Schrader, 58, was fatally stabbed at a hearing aid business in Christiansburg, Virginia. Another person was injured. The motive for the attack was not disclosed.

The crime was reported January 6, 2017.

• 20-year-old Tyler Hurtle was murdered on his front porch. Robbery was the apparent motive.

Reports say neighbors were awakened by gunshots at 4 a.m. on October 6, 2016 in South Bend, Indiana.

Arrested for the crime are Caleb Smith and Sir Patterson. Both were reported to be 22-years-old. The victim was white. The suspects are black.

• 47-year-old Patrolman Jeffrey Westerfield was fatally shot in Crown Point, Indiana. The crime occurred in 2014.

28-year-old Carl Blount of Gary, Indiana was sentenced to life in prison after he entered a plea deal earlier this month. The deal spares him the death penalty.

According to abc7chicago.com:

“Prosecutors allege Blount shot Officer Westerfield as he sat in his squad car with the lights on and the engine running. The officer, who would have turned 47-years-old that day, never even pulled his weapon before he was shot in the head.”
Westerfield was white. Blount is black.

• Nearly 35 years earlier another Gary, Indiana police officer was fatally shot. Police Lt. George Yaros, 57, was killed in 1981 during a bank robbery.

Zolo Agona Azania, who was convicted of killing Yaros, is set to walk free on February 8, 2017. Azania spent time on Indiana’s death row where he maintained his innocence. He claims he is the victim of a racist set up.

Azania served 35 years of a 74-year sentence. He is black. His victim was white.

Image: Screen Shot, Philip Chism; http://www.cnn.com/videos/justice/2016/02/26/philip-chism-sentencing-hearing-massachusetts.cnn

Kenn Daily
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