LIBERALS: Are THEY Turning The Clock Back 50 Years?

Written by Andrew Allen on January 30, 2017

I thought liberals were supposed to be all about science, science, science, science, I love friggin’ science!

If so, why did a million or so liberal women gather worldwide to demand, among other things, free and unhindered access to a procedure their mother voted against with her feet? After all, had their mothers marched down to the local abortionist, not a single woman at any of the women’s marches would have been marching. They’d have long been a pile of bio-sludge sacked up in plastic and summarily disposed.

ISIS has afforded their victims about as much pomp and circumstance as Planned Parenthood and their Kermit Gosnells have afforded theirs over the years.

Abortion isn’t the only area in which liberals reveal their flat-earther mentality. Just a few days ago I marveled as Juan Williams on one of those commentary shows protested Donald Trump’s environmental policies. According to Juan Williams, if American industry started being industrial again, Americans would be forced to breathe unhealthy air.

Thing is, even before NAFTA started evacuating US manufacturing jobs elsewhere, American factories were polluting far less than they were even half a century ago. (Keep half a century in mind, it will come up again). In fact, thanks to environmental legislation signed into law by Richard Nixon, the environmental horrors of yesteryear no longer exist.

Yet the Juan Williams types would rather American factories sit shuttered, behind chain link fences, empty and destitute. They’d rather nations like China and India – ever been to China? I have. There are days in which the smog never leaves Beijing; days in which smog’s residue settles over everyone and everything the way Pittsburgh used to be 50+ years ago — that have few if any environmental regulations, kick their factories into high gear making stuff, polluting the same air Americans and everyone else on planet Gaia breathes.

If the left truly understood science, they’d understand that it makes sense for American factories to make stuff because we make stuff cleaner than China.

Half a century ago they left would have understood at least some of this. That was back when Congressman John “I-Marched-In-Selma-And-Got-Beaten-By-Democrats” Lewis did the lone, sole thing that he later rode political coat-tails to success upon. He got his picture taken while Democrats beat him during a civil rights march.

A real civil rights march. Not a million babes marching in Washington DC for rights they already have. Or the local freak show coming out to demand the right to use the bathroom because, let’s face it, the transgendered are dying here, there, and everywhere when their bladders burst after they’ve struggled to hold it in for oh-so-long. I will give John Lewis credit due for standing up for real, no nonsense civil rights…HALF A CENTURY AGO.

Today though, John Lewis is a tax cheat. He hasn’t paid his taxes. And he was a big proponent of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which empowered the IRS as the enforcement arm for Obamacare. The IRS is notoriously ruthless for their raids against those even suspected of violating tax laws – indeed, who doesn’t fear a phone call from the local IRS office that includes the word “audit”. Social science types might look at this and realize – not that John Lewis is a hypocrite; that part would be the ethical studies folks – that such a coercive abuse of power is akin to fascism.

Flat-earther leftists of course don’t see it that way. They are too stupid to realize that they are little more than useful idiots for an ideology that would willingly beat them down in the streets and abort their children if it felt it needed to.

How can I say that?

Students of that long-forgotten science (history) should have no difficulty finding examples of such tactics being used by left-wing regimes as means to advance leftist agendas.

Image: Modified from; CC by 2.0

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Andrew Allen
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