LMAO: Jenna Jameson DESTROYS Bill Maher’s Trump-Hating P*ssy Rant With ONE TWEET!

Published on January 26, 2017

Without DOUBLE standards, he’d have NONE at all.

Most of you will know who Bill Maher is.

He’s the loud-mouthed, ill-informed, boorish publicity whore who loves to put himself on a pedestal as better, smarter, and more profound than anyone else in the room.

Everyone knows at least one SOB like that. This one just happened to get famous. He’s basically a lockstep Democrat on every issue except Islam. The man drips with contempt. Especially for religious types. And especially for traditionalist conservatives.

By now, he’s called them every name in the book.

Charming, really. So you can see that when the Billy Bush scandal broke in October that he was rubbing his hands with glee at the opportunity:

His monologue: (serious language warning)


Quick summary: look what he said. Years ago. Obviously Trump is (insert negative adjective here).

One problem, Bill. If you didn’t hate the Bible so much you just MIGHT have come across a helpful lesson about taking the ‘log’ out of your own eye before trying to take the speck out of someone else’s.

You have Loud and Public criticism for what Trump SAID. Years ago.

He got called out. By Jenna Jameson. (Tip: If you Google her name, you might want to turn on safe search first.)

and in case that was too vague for you? There’s this one:


Did Bill forget that some people out in TV land know the REAL guy behind the mask? And they don’t ALL think like him?

Or did he think that because he was chillin’ with porn stars that nobody would be watching his own boorish behavior or judging it.


Because Jenna actually Supports Trump.

And someone in Twitterland made the mistake of thinking they knew enough about her to write her off as irrelevant and worthless.

Jenna is On a roll.

Share if Bill Maher is in no position to moralize and lecture to ANYBODY.