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PATRIOTS: Is It ‘RACIST’ To Be Concerned About Immigration?

The Immigration reaction: Is it Racism? Or is it reasonable caution?

These days, the word racist is getting bounced around like a midget in a mosh pit. (Dwarf? Little person? Whatever the right word is, you get the mental picture.)

But is the word ‘racism’ being used correctly?

When Obama and Hillary did the same thing that Trump is taking heat for, nobody called them out as racists.

In fact, the list of countries Trump put forward? That same list was inherited from Obama. Is Obama ‘Islamophobic” now? Or are we just seeing inconsistent reporting… working backward from their biases? Consistently call the Republicans EVIL, and the Democrats GOOD.

The lie becomes obvious when IDENTICAL POLICY gets tagged by the media with different labels and story emphasis, depending on whether the politician’s name is followed by a (D) or an (R).

And when William Jefferson Clinton stood up and declared this about immigration?

The Democrats loved it. For some reason, he wasn’t ‘Racist’.

What about now? Everything is about racism. Or some other ‘ism’.

Can someone please tell me what RACE a Muslim is?

We’ve seen Arab Muslims. White Muslims. Black Muslims. Et cetera.

Which of these ‘races’ are we actually against? Isn’t it actually an ideology we are against? Or the CRIMES that spring from it?

When we went to war with the Axis Powers in WWII was it because we held deep-seated hatred for Germans? Italians? Japanese?

No. We were fighting against ideas that had been weaponized and posed a threat to their neighbors.

Germans were fine. Nazis were not. Italians were fine. Fascists were not. Our relations after the war bore this out.

(Japan was more complicated historically, but if were had been consistent, we would have been the same toward Japanese Imperialism and its underlying beliefs, rather than Japanese people as a group.)

The tricky thing about Islam is that it EXPLICITLY INTEGRATES religious belief with political ideology.

And this is where things go sideways… it’s also why Islam gets greater scrutiny than, say, Hindus or Zoroastrians.

Adherence to the Ideology of (certain strains) of Islam actually DRIVES the violence of those who kill (sometimes even their own children) in the name of Islam.

There is a SPECIFIC identifiable ideology that undergirds monsters who train little boys who SHOULD be in Kindergarten to empty a gun into a bound prisoner.

This has precisely nothing to do with RACE. It has everything to do with a dangerous idea.

Their dangerous idea just happens to look an awful lot like a relatively benign idea that drapes itself in the same name and uses the same holy book.

It looks SO much like it in fact, that some young men who ONCE belonged to the more benign version are won over by — and drawn into — the violent version.

Europe turned a blind eye to this problem. Look where that got THEM!

What about ACTUAL self-identifying Neo-Nazi gangs? Is it racist if cops scrutinize people who organize around Neo-nazi ideas? Not at all. They have a reputation for violence. We EXPECT law enforcement to VET them and keep tabs on what they are up to. It’s no violation of their rights. It’s actually a securing of everyone else’s.

Why should this be any different?

Isn’t that, in fact, what they did with 27,000 Mosques in Egypt in THIS story?

If Muslims don’t like the reputation that their violent counterparts have left them with? We’d Welcome their help in ridding the planet of the radicals… Whatever Color their skin may be.

But maybe you have a different opinon.

What do YOU think?

Share if you’re pleased that we’re finally paying attention to who is entering America.

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