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QUESTION: Janet Jackson Converts To Islam – Is She NOW The Nuttiest Jackson?

Perhaps… but what’s La Toya been up to these day?

Whatever it is, she’d have to really work at it to be as nutty as this.

Janet has cancelled her tour to start a family — that’s not so weird.


It looks like she may have converted to Islam and left her sexpot identity behind her.

The queen of cleavage (remember ‘Nipplegate’? The Superbowl XXXVIII Halftime Show incident with Justin Timberlake that gave us the phrase ‘wardrobe malfunction’?) has covered-up from neck to toe, stopped giving lapdances to male fans onstage, sanitized her songs and is now using Islamic phrases during concerts.


She’s also been kinda cagey when asked if she converted to Islam after marrying Quatari businessman Wissam Al Mana who is Muslim.

She’s been spotted covered up in an Islamic manner — including a Muslim veil that covers the hair.


Janet just had her first child at age 50 after a pregnancy that was heavily scrutinized by the Gossip Media.

‘Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana are thrilled to welcome their new son Eissa Al Mana into the world,’ a spokesman for the singer said in a statement. ‘Janet had a stress-free, healthy delivery and is resting comfortably.’…

…For many of us, however, Janet the mother hen will take some getting used to after a career in which the youngest and raunchiest member of the famous Jackson clan became the undisputed showbiz queen of gratuitous cleavage.

After all, she was the pop star who famously posed topless on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine as a man clasped her breasts from behind; who liked to have simulated sex with male fans at concerts; and whose right breast notoriously popped out of her skimpy outfit in front of millions during a memorable ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the 2004 Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the end of her pregnancy may clear up one of the abiding mysteries about Jackson — whether she has adopted her husband’s religion and become a Muslim.

Will the all-covering black outfits in which she has swathed herself in recent months while living in London (where her husband has spent much of his life and has a lavish home) disappear as she sheds her baby weight?

Or is her new wardrobe — as has been claimed — here to stay as a consequence of her new-found Islamic modesty?

Though the ‘full Islamic dress’ that some identified her wearing during a recent shopping trip with her husband in Belgravia turned out to be a £1,000 Adidas men’s black wool poncho, there’s good reason to believe the rumours — which Jackson has neither confirmed nor denied — that she has converted to Islam.

For a start, underneath that poncho, she appeared to be wearing an al-amira — a two-piece veil worn by many Muslim women, which covers the hair but not the face.

Her drastic wardrobe change had also been mirrored onstage and in her music by a retreat from her trademark bawdiness to a far more modest, reflective approach that has woven the Islamic language into songs and her comments to fans.

She frequently ended concerts on her last tour telling fans ‘Inshallah’, or ‘If Allah wills it’, and included the word in the chorus of one of the songs — songs, incidentally, that have been shorn of all the X-rated raunch that was such a feature of her previous output.

Out of 17 new tracks on her Unbreakable album, there isn’t a single mention of the word ‘sex’.
She has also cleaned up her stage look — wearing a long-sleeved, loose-fitting, white outfit that covered every inch of her body up to her neck.
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