QUESTION: Should Trump DANCE With Bruce Jenner To PLEASE The LGBT Crowd?

Written by K. Walker on January 19, 2017

Jenner is heading to Washington for the Inauguration. It’s been suggested that Trump dance with Jenner, to show support for the LGBT community. Should he do it?

Bruce Jenner, when he was an athlete, Olympic gold medalist, and lived as a man, was also a Republican.

Now that Bruce has become Caitlyn, some things have changed — clothing choices, cosmetics, driver’s license photo, a couple of new implants.

BUT, Caitlyn, much to the consternation of the LGBT community, still identifies as a ‘Republican’.

Since Caitlyn Jenner supports Trump, maybe there are others in that community that would, too if they saw a gesture of ‘goodwill’.

Donald Trump has been urged to dance with Caitlyn Jenner at his inauguration ball on Friday night to prove that he is in touch with America’s LGBT community.

The President-elect is unpopular with sections of the LGBT community, and it is apparently believed that the move could provide a way to bolster his support.

His advisers also reportedly believe that a dance with Jenner could build bridges with the party itself…

…’A picture is worth a thousand tweets.’

Bruce Jenner was a stalwart Republican long before she transitioned into Caitlyn.

The former Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete has been called the most famous openly transgender woman in the world, but has received criticism within the LGBT community for her support of Trump…

…Jenner’s publicist said: ‘Can’t deal in hypotheticals. We’ll just have to wait and see.’

Jenner will reportedly be attending the inauguration although it is believed she was not invited by Trump, but will attend as a guest of the American Unity Fund, a conservative nonprofit that works on behalf of LGBTQ Americans.
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What do YOU think?

If Trump dances with Bruce will that alienate the social conservatives and evangelicals that supported him?

Would it pit ‘trans’ rights against ‘religious’ rights within the GOP?

What if Trump REFUSES to dance with Bruce?

Would that give the left ammo against the ‘transphobic’ right?

Would Jenner be ostracized by the LGBT community for supporting Trump if they did dance?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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