UH, OH. What Clooney JUST Said About Trump Will Make Liberal Heads EXPLODE!

Written by K. Walker on January 10, 2017

It looks like SOMEBODY forgot to drink his Liberal Kool-Aid. Check this out…

George Clooney, an outspoken liberal, said something that was practically anathema in Hollywood… he wished Trump well.

Here’s what he said:

‘We have to hope that he can do a decent job, because when the president of the United States fails, really terrible things happen,’ Clooney said Monday.

Clooney said the United States has generally been lucky in its presidents – until now.

‘When we needed a first president, we had George Washington,’ he said. ‘We had Jefferson, Adams.

‘When we had the Civil War, we had Lincoln,’ he added, rattling off other office-holders — Roosevelt, Kennedy — before suggesting that the U.S. ‘got a little unlucky’ with the George W. Bush presidency in the years after 9/11.

‘I think we’re going to be a little unlucky now,’ Clooney said. ‘I can only hope for the best.’
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Ok, so it’s not the glowing words of praise of a sycophant, but hey, what do you expect from a man who held a $340,000 fundraiser for Hillary?

Of course, he just couldn’t help but get that dig in on George W. Bush.

Because we were so ‘unlucky’ after 9/11 to have that guy as President. Really, what did he do? He just started all the wars with the all the killing and all the guns and things.

It doesn’t matter that his approval rating at that time was the highest of any President ever:


Or that he was responding to a dispicable act that cost thousands of lives in an attack on our homeland that was unprecedented and shocking to the entire world.

Disregard that he went to war with the approval and support of Congress as well as our many allies.




But hey, let’s keep harping on the ‘war-mogering’ Republicans like Bush.

It’s not like Obama bombed more countries than Dubya did, right?

He did?


It’s ok, though. He’s a Democrat so he gets a free pass. And a Nobel Peace Prize — for his good intentions.

But back to Clooney’s statements.

He didn’t say Trump was evil or the devil or even a complete disaster.

He didn’t say he was an illegitimate President or that the election was ‘stolen’.

He didn’t call him a hateful, bigoted, xenophobic, racist, White Supremacist with misogyinistic tendencies.

I’m going to call that progress because that’s just how I roll.

He’s ‘hopeful’.

Look at that! Hope isn’t dead after all!

Somebody had better tell Michelle.

Of course, Republicans have had a new-found hope since Nov. 8.

Welcome to the club, Mr. Clooney.

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