VIRAL VIDEO: On Eve Of March For Life — Planned Parenthood Caught In a MASSIVE Lie

Written by K. Walker on January 26, 2017

We’re constantly told that opposing government funding for Planned Parenthood is wrong because they provide a ‘full range’ of services for women. THIS video catches them in one HUGE lie…

Abortions are just a small part of the services that they provide, right?

Planned Parenthood offers Pre-Natal services, too!

Yeah, about that…

Watch this video from Pro-Life group Live Action:

The March For Life in Washington is on January 27, 2017.

It will be interesting to see how the Media covers that compared to the (Nasty) Women’s March that was sponsored by NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

The Chicago March For Life on January 15 was pitifully covered, but you couldn’t get away from coverage of the Women’s March.

A story about preparations for the pro-life (“anti-abortion”) march was tucked away in the Chicago Tribune’s “community contributor”section written by, not a regular staff writer, but Montini Catholic senior Jessica Browne as part of its suburban coverage. In contrast, the day following the march, when you’d expect to see coverage (I couldn’t find any), there was a front page story, “Unity, equality, pink hats: Women’s March on Chicago calls out to thousands.” I see some irony in how the Tribune could use a front-page story about a march that is expected to draw thousands, while ignoring a march that actually drew thousands. Meanwhile, my search of the Tribune website showed four other stage-setter stories about the women’s anti-Trump march in the Tribune or its affiliate suburban paper.
Read more: Chicago Now

According to a news report, ‘Hundreds’ showed up.

Here are the ‘Hundreds’:

Welcome to the world of ‘Liberal News Bias’.

Watch MRCTV try to ask basic questions about limits on abortion:

Some of these anti-life people believe that pro-life women are ‘deluded, marginalized, oppressed and a shameful force’ or just ‘brainwashed’.

And it’s the conservative women that don’t want to kill babies in the womb that are ‘deplorable’.

Maybe we need to revisit that definition…

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