WARRIORS AWOL: The Systematic Destruction of the American Male

Why this will be the downfall of our civilization as we know it.

By John Harden

ClashDaily Contributor

I have always been one to define terms before embarking down the long and seemingly controversial path that will defy what is nowadays referred to as a “social norm”, so here it goes. Emasculation (for all of you “metro” men out there with your bangs in your face, a lacy V-neck and capris pants on) is to make something weaker or less effective; to deprive a male of his primary role; and the most archaic and Game of Thrones like definition literally, to castrate a man or a male of any species. Uh-Oh, I can hear some of you hissing already. Well lads, life is full of confrontation, and it’s about time you were engaged about this “phase of enlightenment” brought to you by your progressive pals that have anchored you to the broken-in leather couch at your local coffee shop for so long. For some of you, this may nail you right in the “feels”.

What has masculinity brought us, you ask? Liberals (like Lena Dunham and her effeminate father) will tell you that masculinity has been the foremost cause of much suffering and anguish in civilization, from the oppression of whole ethnic groups, to pollution, and the oppression of women. Is that an incredibly biased assessment? Absolutely. If the roles were reversed historically, do you think it would have been any different? Absolutely not. Since the beginning of time, masculine men (quite frankly that’s mostly what they were back in those days, so from now on I will just use “men”) were the providers in the most primitive sense of food, fire, shelter and protection. But in a more complex sense, men were responsible for developing materials from the earth’s surface such as iron, steel, bronze, and gold into weapons, tools, and currency, and taking the very rock from under foot and building structures that have lasted thousands of years, protected cities from the biting wind and determined foe.

With the socialist agenda at work in this country in all forms of education and media (which is often mistaken as the same outlet, young boys and young men are more easily impressed upon that any sort of willingness to win, to be strong, to be dominant, to be a warrior is most commonly associated with the supposed toxicity of masculinity. Women that are poorly influenced in this arena will balk at the idea of a man that has a desire to protect a woman at all costs, and care for her by providing the proverbial food, fire and shelter that he has the instinct to provide. The mindset there has been hammered home by weaker humans that follow along with the progressive mentality of “men and women are equally capable, and a man holding a door for a woman is the most insulting action to be taken”. This attitude is a proverbial shotgun blast to the face of chivalry and the masculine application of such actions. These are actions that are no longer common for men to do, because militant feminism has slowly chipped away at their desire to do so, and made it a form of insult to any “modern woman”.

But there is something to this that doesn’t immediately come to light when discussing these boys, and their inability or lack of desire to be a strong, American male without apology. Some might claim conspiracy, but in the western world from Europe to the United States, the male with the warrior/hunter mentality is becoming more and more scarce. IT was the warrior/hunter that went out the door when the nation called for action against an enemy that conducted a cowardly attack in Pearl Harbor, that persecuted an entire group of people in Germany, that spread communism like wildfire throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, and that engaged us in the radical Islamic, “long game” war that has so many politicians and poets so squeamish about today. The American male has a fighting spirit that was bred into them long before their ancestors touched foot to our shorelines, a spirit that cannot be defeated on the battlefield, in engineering and mechanics or in space. The drive to win and be first is an important trait, and is one that has long kept our country the prime example for how a country so young can succeed. It would stand to reason, that the only way to defeat this spirit is to insert misinformation and false positives into the upbringing of the American male, so that in his teens he’d rather be on snap chat at a coffee shop where he can do no harm than be outdoors learning a trade, learning to shoot, learning to fight, becoming fit, and developing his mind into the mind of a winner.

I submit to you that emasculation is being used as a tool to destroy this country and its ability to produce the spirit that has for so long defended its shores, and skyrocketed its technological capability years ahead of all its competition. The boys you see now, that dress and act with no function, are ones that have been taught to make comfort based decisions, and conversely, young women have been conditioned to expect boys to act and dress in a certain way to be desirable for them. But here will be the short-term result of your mistake: You’ll have a weak husband, unable to make decisions, who will in turn make a weak father, who will offer no guidance to his sons that will make them strong and capable men, and a poor example for your daughters when they choose their mate. He will have softer skin than you do, spend more time on his hair than with you, he won’t be able to change a tire or light a fire (both the fireplace kind and the intimate kind), and he’d rather die than sweat, so he will be dumpy and unfit, soft to the touch. In the long-term that opens the door for the wolves to come in and eat what they please without consequence. Those are the people that want to watch the world burn, and because of your inability to let men be men and love them for it, you weakened the very vanguard that was supposed to stand between you and harm, not lounge on the couch in a coffee shop and be nonconfrontational.

The truth is, you are attempting to put down what is pro-woman, pro-security, pro-life, pro-survival, pro-success (not to mention the other 50% required to naturally reproduce), and are trying to raise up the frail and incapable gender neutral, effeminate, emasculated boy that will be crushed under the weight of time. They will not be able to stand for the weak, because they will not be able to stand for themselves, and kneeling at the chopping block will be much more comfortable for them. And the wolf waiting hungrily on the other side will devour the easy meal he has watched prepped and conditioned in the comfort of the barn for years, like a fine cut of veal.

In Paris following the terrorist attacks that left 130 dead and hundreds wounded, a young boy and his father were interviewed as to their thoughts. The young boy responded that French citizens needed weapons to defend themselves against these evil men. The father scolded him, and said “no son, we will defeat them with love.” The boy stared, bewildered and confused, that his father, his role model, would say such a weak thing. And so, began the molding from what the young boy knew was correct, genetic instinct into an indiscernible, nonconfrontational male that is so desired by progressives today, that will be the undoing of western civilization as we know it.





John is an 8 year Infantry Combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He currently owns and operates his own private security firm out of Tampa, FL.


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