WATCH: Illegals Are ALREADY Practicing To SCALE Trump’s Wall

Published on January 28, 2017

Why do we need that BIG BEAUTIFUL Wall? Here’s a clue:

Oh, and be sure to tell the ‘News Fact checkers’ …

… not to bother calling this ‘fake news’.

Because it’s satire.

ClashDaily readers are smart enough to tell the difference. But the news fact checkers aren’t. Why? Because they still think CNN and ABC are unbiased. (It’s tragic. We know.)

What’s the REAL takeaway from this video?
[Hat tip: Conservative Punk for the video, by the way.]

The REAL takeaway is this: you can’t really expect a half-assed wall to keep anyone out.

If we want it to work, we’ll have to make it a good one.

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