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WATCH: Mariah Carey Completely Bombs NYE Performance And It’s AWESOME

The only thing worse than her performance was how savagely she was mocked for it. You get to see both.

That was ‘Amazing’ she said. Amazing isn’t QUITE the word Twitter had for it.

Here’s her epic fail:

Here’s how one news outlet described her disastrous show:

Mariah Carey suffered through a nightmare train wreck performance in Times Square on New Years’s Eve as technical problems left her completely out-of-syc with her lip syncing track – causing her to storm off stage.

The megastar diva was supposed to herald in 2017 and say good riddance to 2016 before the traditional ball drop by performing two hits, Emotions and We Belong Together.

Indeed, 2016 has been a checkered year for the star during which she has seen her engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer end and started dating her back-up dancer, Bryan Tanaka.
However, on stage in New York City she appeared unable to hear any backing track, so stopped pretending to sing and put a hand on her hip while the vocal track of her voice carried on without her.

Furious with the unfolding disaster in front of millions inside Times Square and watching at home, Carey, who was dressed in a stunning pink bodysuit, began pacing in frustration across the stage.

Trying to keep calm, she stopped and told the crowd that despite the performance falling apart at the seams, ‘I’m trying to be a good sport here’.

Her backup dancers bravely carried on, but quickly became confused leading Mariah to say, ‘It is what it is. It just don’t get any better’ – at which point she walked off the stage.

Letting emotion get the better of her, the star also said, ‘I wanted a holiday too. Can’t I just have one?’ —DailyMail

Twitter wasted no time doing what it does best. Savagely:

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