WATCH: Melania Made Michelle Look Like An ANGRY CLOWN In Front Of MILLIONS

Published on January 21, 2017

Melania… putting the ‘lady’ back into ‘First Lady’.

After 8 years in office, you’d think someone would have coached Michelle on how to at least FAKE being gracious. With all those sycophants, advisors and hangers-on, SOMEBODY should have stepped in at SOME point along the way.

Or maybe Michelle just has no ‘effs’ to give anymore.

Watch Michelle’s awkward ‘Tiffany box incident’:

Wow. Classy. You’d think nobody gave her a gift before.

Watch Former First Lady Laura Bush handle the same situation:

Michelle’s expression when she received the Blue Tiffany box says it all:


The gratitude. It’s overwhelming.

Here’s Michelle being her charming self during President Trump’s Inaugural Address:


Wow. Won’t you miss her when she’s gone?

Don’t answer JUST yet. We don’t know for sure just how long they can bring themselves to ‘stay’ gone.

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