WEIRD SIMILARITIES: What Obamacare And The Facebook Torture Video Have In COMMON

Written by Andrew Allen on January 12, 2017

What do Obamacare and the horrific 48-hour, ISIS-style torture session broadcast on Facebook have in common? More than you think.

Make America Sick Again?
Democrats think they are clever for coming up with “Make America Sick Again”. They need it for their base. As long as they keep that meme running, people will ignore the hypocrisy behind it. Fact is, if Obamacare is such a great thing…

Why Aren’t House Democrats Enrolled in Obamacare?
House Republicans can be forgiven for not enrolling in the Affordable Care Act – they after all, were literally locked out of the legislative sessions that created it and not a single Republican voted to make it law.

By contrast, Democrats have always been for Obamacare. Yet they had no problem writing a clause into the law exempting themselves from the Affordable Care Act’s provisions. Perhaps Pelosi and Klan would be a bit easier to stomach if they for once led by example, and enrolled in Barack Obama’s signature, legacy item.

What Isn’t Easy to Stomach?
The video Facebook broadcast live for 48 hours in which a man was tortured for voyeuristic, racial, or political reasons. Consider:
– If they tortured the man for 48 hours live on Facebook for political reasons, that makes them Democrats. Not to go off the deep end here, but Germany had the good sense to outlaw the Nazi Party – given that the Democrats record isn’t much better is it time to take similar measures here?
– If they tortured the man for 48 hours live on Facebook because they were black and he was white, that makes them Black Lives Matter activists. Why Black Lives Matter hasn’t been investigated under the RICO statute I’d love to know as this incident certainly would apply given the provisions of 18 USC Chapter 16 and Chapter 29 Section 594 and 610, at a minimum.
– If they tortured the man for 48 hours live on Facebook because they were narcissists looking for 10,000 “likes”, that makes Facebook culpable. Someone call Mark Zuckerberg and tell him he’s moving out of his estate and the victim will be moving in tomorrow. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? After all, whenever someone takes a gun and does bad things with it, isn’t “more gun control” the first, middle, and last thing we hear from liberals. Especially liberals that aren’t enrolled in Obamacare, that openly advocate on the behalf of Black Lives Matter, and are protected by gun wielding bodyguards.

Wait A Minute! What About Tolerance, Diversity, And Inclusion?
That’s what brings these two stories together. In both cases there are liberals who lecture America non-stop about tolerance, diversity, and inclusion, behaving in intolerant, lock-step, and exclusionary ways. That’s why the people that said Paul Ryan would push wheelchair-bound granny off a cliff are pushing a healthcare plan they don’t use personally and that’s pushing healthcare costs through the roof for millions of Americans. That’s why an unforgiveable act of terrorism broadcast live on Facebook was treated by much of the media and Chicago city government as a youthful prank.

In the case of Obamacare, Republicans offered to contribute to the legislative process, and they offered more than 30 alternative plans. Any number of them would have done more to improve healthcare using less intrusive measures than the Affordable Care Act. For example, Republicans have long sought to repeal FDR-era laws and allow health insurers to sell their coverage across state lines. This alone would reduce insurance costs. That’s what happened with auto insurance.

Those of sufficient vintage will remember when buying car insurance meant you physically went to an agent located in your town and that was how you purchased your insurance. That’s how I insured my first car and several after that. There was no Flo from Progressive, no cartoon General in a sports car, nor were there talking geckos. When auto insurers were allowed to sell across state lines, the market opened up offering more options for consumers. And prices went down. Imagine if the Affordable Care Act had been created in a tolerant, diverse, and inclusive manner. Perhaps rather than failing health insurance exchanges bound within state borders, consumers could surf the web and buy from any plan offered anywhere in the United States.

The story out of Chicago isn’t all that different. Only a few months ago we learned that Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign had worked with activist groups to make sure violence occurred at Donald Trump events. The footage in the Project Veritas videos was as horrifying as it was revealing.

Politically motivated violence – even riots in the streets in which people were assaulted – isn’t something normally associated with America. It is a level of intolerance and lock-step conformity normally reserved for banana republics.

Yet in modern America there the Democrats were, choreographing political violence in the name of their agenda. The media of course turned a blind eye to it all and instead reported every piece of fake news they could find to try and portray Trump as Hitler and his movement as the Fourth Reich. Is it any wonder that once a major mainstream political party authorized political violence in their name, and the media approved of it via their collective silence, that liberal goons would feel empowered to take what they’d learned in Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, Oakland, and Baton Rouge and stream it live on Facebook for two days?

So Democrats?
Democrats, you caused Obamacare and you are directly responsible for the 48-hour torture video from Chicago. What do you plan to do to fix it? And I do mean you Democrats. The rest of America bears none of the blame for either of these abominations.

Will we see more moronic public service announcements from Hollywood has-beens that all follow the same idiotic script and conclude with the same faux idealism? Will you put your rent-a-mobs into the streets to protest things that never happened like you did when you ran fake news stories about Trump supporters ripping hijabs off Muslim women and setting black churches ablaze when you knew those things never happened?

Or will you join the rest of us at the table where the adults sit, and embrace the tolerance, inclusion, and diversity you supposedly care about so much?

Image: By Pete Souza – President Obama Signs Health Insurance Legislation Into Law, Public Domain,

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