9TH CIRCUS: A PERFECT Choice For The CLOWNS Opposing The President’s Travel Pause

Written by Teri O'Brien on February 9, 2017

The state of Washington is taking the lead in opposing President Trump’s efforts to prevent the next Tashfeen Malik or Tsarnaev family from entering the United States and murdering innocent Americans. As you would expect from a passel of phony liberals, who, despite their incessant chest pounding and pontificating “about Constitutional rights” and “religious discrimination,” they are clearly nothing but political hacks out to exploit a perceived opportunity; that is, the opportunity to use demagoguery to fire up their perpetually enraged, low information base in the hope of winning elections in 2018 and 2020, Consider the cast of characters:

Judge James Robart
The airhead who works part-time at the yogurt kiosk at the mall and gets all of her news from Entertainment Tonight and The View may not know the name of her member of Congress, or be able to name a Supreme Court justice at gunpoint, but even she knows that Seattle District Judge James Robart was appointed by Republican George W. Bush because she has heard that repeated incessantly on television. That means he’s a “conservative,” right? Wrong. Judge Robert’s appointment is another example of the very common practice for presidents, especially Republicans, to defer to the judgement of a state’s senators when appointing federal judges. That’s what happened here.

The two senators in Washington were both liberal Democrats, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Here’s the 2004 press release from Sen. Murray’s office praising Judge Robart’s selection, and the process of working with President Bush to choose him. That explains how we ended up with a judge who embraced “Black Lives Matter” from the bench last August, and who did pro bono work for refugees. In addition, this judge, while in the process of second-guessing not only the president, but Congress, on the issue of national security, was absolutely wrong when he stated that “as far as [he] could tell” there had been no terrorism arrests of foreign nationals from the seven countries identified in President Trump’s executive order pausing entry into the United States. He couldn’t have been more wrong if his name was Judge Wrong Wrongingham.

There are the two al Qaeda terrorists from Iraq, currently in jail, who entered the country as refugees, convicted of helping kill American troops in Iraq with IED’s. There are Somalis who have been convicted on terrorist crimes. Leaving aside the glaringly obvious flaw in the judge’s reasoning—that the government must wait for Americans to be maimed or killed before it can do anything to protect us—his statement makes clear that he labors under a mistaken belief all too typical of our liberal friends, that fears of terrorism are “exaggerated,” and that he did not make his decision based on the law, but on political considerations.

Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson
Self-righteous posturing notwithstanding, this guy is widely recognized by knowledgeable observers as a political opportunist, hoping that his virtue signaling and grandstanding will vault him to Democrat stardom so that he can run for governor in 2020. Even NPR, which like other corrupt media outlets has attempted to lionize Mr. Ferguson as a courageous social justice warrior, part of the brave “resistance” against Donald Trump, acknowledges this fact, while also reporting how much he is clearly enjoying his time in the spotlight. From NPR:

In the space of a few days, Ferguson, a Democrat just beginning his second term, has gone from unknown state attorney general in the far corner of the country to making national headlines. He told member station KUOW in Seattle it was an “unusual experience.”

“I mean CNN called my 88-year-old mother in Seattle trying to track me down so they could talk to me on Friday night for example,” Ferguson said.

Oooo! Can a guest appearance on SNL or Jimmy Kimmel be far behind? The NPR report goes on to state the obvious:

Even before his lawsuit against the Trump administration, Ferguson was viewed as a likely candidate for Washington governor in 2020. Sinderman believes Ferguson is a tactician who looks for opportunities to both make a difference and make a name for himself. (emphasis mine)

“Since Bob first came into public life in Washington state, it’s been clear that he’s got higher ambitions than the current office that he’s working in,” [longtime Democratic political consultant] Sinderman said.


Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

Another proud member of the Resistance, vowing to stand up for Washington’s “values”, this Democrat hack said in an appearance on CNN on February 4, 2017, that we must not “normalize Trump”. This is standard butt-hurt, cry-baby, sore-loser speak for those still going through the stages of grief over losing the 2016 presidential election. Newflash: we the people “normalized” the president when we elected him on November 8.

As they have for the last sixty years, liberal political hacks are trying to hide their naked ambition and unquenchable thirst for power in high-minded rhetoric and claims that anything that opposes their agenda is “unConstitutional.” Some of them are simply reciting talking points that they know are false and ridiculous. The rest still have not learned that not everything a person disagrees with is “unConstitutional.”

The consensus seems to be that because the 9th Circuit (Circus) is notoriously activist and liberal, the Trump Administration will lose and the “refugees”, asylum seekers and visa holders from jihadist hotbeds will continue to pour in. I’m not so sure. There might just be one or two judges with integrity left, even on the Left Coast.

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