APPROPRIATE THIS: Black Woman Left SILENT After Scolding BOLD Turban-Wearing White Woman

Published on February 15, 2017

This black lady got totally SCHOOLED on ‘racial appropriation’.

Seeing one white lady minding her own business while wearing a turban was more than the black ‘Social Justice Warrior’ could bear. She HAD to berate her for ‘cultural appropriation’.

Last laugh goes to the BOLD woman in the turban. Maybe the angry black woman will think twice before pulling that stunt again.

She posted a message on her Facebook Page.

I’ll explain what happened yesterday so you know why I’m so angry with this whole cultural appropriation thing. I was at the station with this pretty turban, feeling like a diva. And I started to notice that there were a lot of black women around, beautiful by the way, who were looking at me funny, like “look over there the little white girl appropriating our culture.” Anyways, one of them came over to tell me I shouldn’t use a turban because I’m white. I took off the turban and said “are you seeing this bald head, this is called cancer, so I use what I want! Bye.” I grabbed my turban and walked off leaving her in shock #EverybodyWearsTurbans — Translation by: DailyWire


Hey angry appropriation lady…

You pick a fight with a chemo patient because you don’t like what’s on her head?


Share if you hope she feels like a REAL schmuck for doing that.

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