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BERKELY RIOTERS: Why Progressives DON’T Have To Denounce Voilence

Rioters who successfully prevented free speech at the University of California, Berkeley this past week have a bright future with progressives. Their illegal violence is sure to make them superstars.

Rioters stopped Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a speech at the Berkeley indoctrination center. And there was a lot of property damage and violence that resulted in serious injuries. Some people have expressed surprised that progressives have not been required to denounce the riots the way the media requires conservatives to denounce violence by those (rightly or wrongly) linked to them. Yet this shouldn’t shock anyone. After all, progressives embrace rioters. And they reward them with fame and fortune.

Rioting is fundamental to the progressive movement. That’s why when the authorities catch the latest progressive lawbreaker there is a swarm of lawyers rushing to defend him. Progressives also set up, “Free X”, non-profit organizations and start a whole cottage industry around him.

And it doesn’t matter whether the Free X cottage industry succeeds in securing the release of the lawbreaker, because progressives win either way. If he stays imprisoned then the cottage industry thrives so progressives can make money off that and celebrate him as a martyr. If the government releases him (likely through a Democratic president commuting his sentence or granting him a pardon), he becomes an even bigger hero to progressives. He is now eligible to become a college professor, a justice system reform advocate, or maybe even a politician progressives can rally around and elect to the highest office of the United States.

There were, at best, a handful of arrests of the rioters at Berkeley, which means that most of them will be free to riot again. And expect that to happen. Also, expect the violence to be worse in the future. And when the authorities do arrest and imprison rioters, expect progressives to rally around them and make them their next heroes.

Progressives love rioters, and they ensure that they have bright futures.

photo credit: Joe Parks Berkeley Protests 2 via photopin (license)

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Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.