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BREAKING: What Melania Said After Visiting African American Museum Will NOT Be Reported By CNN

In order to keep the narrative that the Trumps are the most racist, hate-filled people on the planet, the Media (D) is unlikely to report on this statement released by the First Lady.

Buried in an article largely related to the white outfit that Melania wore for the visit with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, this her statement was glossed over:

In addition to their White House meeting, Melania accompanied the prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, to the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Until now, Melania had been charting a unique course for a FLOTUS, declining to accompany the Japanese prime minister’s wife around Washington D.C., and instead meeting the Japanese contingent and Donald Trump in Florida for the weekend.

However, she squired Mrs. Netanyahu around D.C. Melania released a statement after the museum visit, remembering the “historic plight of slavery”:


To contrast, here’s the beginning of the article dedicated to her outfit:

First Lady Melania Trump continued to cement her status as a fashion style setter by wearing a distinctive white suit during her first White House public appearance since the inauguration.

According to US Magazine, Melania, 46, wore “a white cashmere Karl Lagerfeld pencil skirt and matching jacket.”

White, the color of the suffragist movement, has become a Melania favorite as First Lady. She also donned the color during a Florida visit with the Japanese prime minister’s wife; it’s one of her most common style choices (see the end of this article for a series of other photos of Melania in white outfits).

Melania’s white suit for the Netanyahu visit almost stole the show….
Read more: Heavy

That’s some hard-hitting journalism, right there.

Just so you’re aware, the article resumes talk of her clothing choices and her preference for white.

There are a whole lot of photos of Melania wearing white throughout the campaign.

By the way, this is under their ‘News’ tab.

So, let’s sum up.

The First Lady releases an incredible, thoughtful, compassionate statement that shows her commitment to equality and diversity, the focus is on the ‘whiteness’ of her clothes.


And Liberals wonder why conservatives think the Media (D) is against President Trump?

It’s because articles like this are typical for Republicans.

It’s just so much worse with President Trump and his family.

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K. Walker

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