BREAKING: ‘National Guard Fake Memo’ Was Scheme To SMOKE OUT The Leaker

Busted at their own game. Isn’t the irony beautiful?

They got a little too comfortable with Obstructing the work of the DULY ELECTED government… they never even saw this coming.

Maybe their hubris will lead to convictions and hard prison time.

The AP got busted sharing Fake News. (Or is it VERY fake news?) Not only that, in doing so, they may have just helped smoke out one or more of the moles in the White House.

Hate to be in THAT person’s shoes right now. With no Obama around to offer a pardon? He or she must be sweating bullets.

Here’s why. The AP story about the National Guard rounding up illegal immigrants was EXACTLY the kind of ‘red meat’ story that fed into the biases of the media. So you know they would run with it… in an effort to damage President Trump and his administration.

But what they DIDN’T realize was that the White House INTENTIONALLY leaked this story. Different versions of it. To smoke out a mole.

In fact… the story itself was a complete fabrication.

There IS no ‘immigrant roundup’. No REAL National Guard memo.

The AP Fake News tweet that got 4000+ retweets:

Here’s the one that goes with it.

This account has not offered a retraction as of the time of this printing… so it’s still supposedly ‘Real News’.

Let’s contrast that against what Mike Cernovich had to say:

Multiple sources. That’s a good start.

Well, well, well. The plot thickens.

We can expect this story is not fully played out yet.

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