BREAKING: Trump Just CRAPPED On The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Published on February 26, 2017

You know where they’re going with THIS story. But do you know the part the left out?

It never takes more than one tweet to put the Press into a frenzy. What did he say this time?

Wait a minute.

Please wish everyone well? Have a nice evening? Seems pleasant. How did they react?


Oh. It’s like THAT is it? OK then, let’s get started.

While he has not cancelled the event, Trump is breaking tradition by not attending the dinner on April 29.

He will be the first president not to attend in 36 years – in 1981 Ronald Reagan was recovering after being shot.

The annual dinner has only been cancelled or downsized before due to death or other major global events.

In 1930, the dinner was cancelled due to the death of President Taft. In 1942 it was cancelled due to the United States entry into the Second World War and in 1951 President Truman cancelled it over what he referred to as the ‘uncertainty of the world situation.’

The White House Correspondents’ Association is an organization of journalists whose job it is to cover the acting president.

The yearly dinner has become somewhat of a Washington tradition after it was started in 1920. It is traditionally held on the last Saturday of April every year at the Washington Hilton. — DailyMail

Oh NO! Skipping the White House Correspondent’s Association dinner! Sound the alarms!

Did you happen to hear who ELSE was skipping the dinner?

Multiple major news networks such as CNN, the New Yorker, and Vanity Fair had already announced that they were thinking about not attending the annual dinner. –DailyMail

So CNN, the New Yorker and Vanity Fair were prepared to boycott the dinner. That’s NOT newsworthy,

But when the President called their bluff with a cordial ‘have a nice time’ they erupt. Trump said it with no venom. Nothing vindictive at all. Just ‘won’t be there, later guys’.

What good is boycotting a dinner that Trump won’t even attend? The dinner had already become a political poker chip, and he wasn’t playing their games.

Is it a tradition? Sure. But who’s accusing Trump of being ‘traditional’?

Is this the first event he’s skipped? Nope.

He’s a man who’s in control and knows it. The Media (D) are also starting to realize they are NOT in control and they know that too.

He doesn’t NEED them to communicate to the public on his behalf. He can bypass them.

In fact, if anyone were interested in reporting it, he already HAS spoken directly to the public.

Right here:

And let’s be honest, they can see the writing on the wall about their own irrelevance. That’s what’s REALLY bothering them, isn’t it?

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