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News Clash


Draining the swamp or crossing a line, which is Trump doing?

Trump has turned his attention to…

…the FBI.

The FBI has taken its share of criticism from BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Each side has accused it of being a ‘politicized’ agency. (We can thank Comey for that.)

But what about now? What about with the leaks of a phone call with (private citizen) Flynn that should never have even been RECORDED, let alone PUBLICIZED. Do we have a problem?

President Trump thinks so. (Obviously.) This could be Part of the reason why:

Trump’s tweets follow reports from CNN that the FBI rejected a request from the White House to take down media reports about exchanges between Trump’s associates and Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The request, which came from White House Chief Reince Priebus, was reportedly put forward only after the FBI had informed the White House that the reports were exaggerated. — DailyCaller

(That’s a long way from the reports CNN gave of accusing Trump’s staff of INITIATING contact with the FBI)

What do YOU think?

(As always, comments are open for your opinion.)

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