DELUDED: Democrats Are Looking To Make Clinton Into ‘SAINT HILLARY’

Written by Andrew Allen on February 14, 2017

“I think she’s one of the people who is least surprised that she lost…contrary to the view that she held onto this dream of being the first woman president. I think she came close to not running in 2016” – Jennifer Palmieri, Director of Communications for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign

If I were a Democrat, I’d be up in arms outraged to learn that I’d been suckered into protesting in the streets before and after November 8, 2016 in the name of someone who knew she was going to lose the whole thing anyway. Then again, if I were a Democrat I’d be dumb as a bag of hair. It requires that special kind of dumb only Democrats can muster to take Pamieri’s statement where it’s intended to go.
Palmieri is laying the groundwork for the sainthood liberals will soon bestow upon Hillary Clinton. Hillary is, probably before 2020, to become their own personal Joan of Arc, martyred on election day 2016. In Democratistan, it works like this:

– Hillary didn’t want to run, but she knew she had to.

– Hillary knew that with her vagina, the road to the White House wouldn’t be as easy as it was for her penis-equipped husband and opponents.

– Hillary knew it would be an uphill struggle, against all odds, and the chances of emerging unscathed at the end were slim.

– So Hillary climbed into that Scooby van, bottle of hot sauce in her purse in case she ran into black people, and kicked off her Presidential race knowing that while all gave some, she would give it all she had for naught.

I have no doubt at all that somewhere in Democratistan, the mullahs have a tear-jerker video clip ready to release. I bet you a beer the video includes her fainting spell at the 2016 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. After all, when you need to portray Hillary as being that valiant warrior fighting the fight to her final breath, what better way to emphasize the point than a video showing her being tossed like a side of beef into her Scooby van?

Moreover, if you are the kind of Democrat that dutifully attends every street protest your mullahs tell you to go to, what better way to slam Donald Trump than Mrs. Clinton rebranded as Hillary of Arc?

Donald Trump after all, has a penis. Donald Trump skated with ease to the White House. Donald Trump merely had to show up to get elected…but Hillary, she was a fighter every step of the way down to the wire and when she finally lost she was so gracious. So very gracious. The whole Jill-Stein-suddenly- showing-up-with-more-money-than-she’d-raised-her-entire-campaign-to-bankroll-recounts no doubt further bolsters your belief in Hillary’s saintliness. After all, those were Jill Stein’s recounts. Hillary was in Chappaqua recovering from her wounds so no way/no how could have she have been the puppet master pulling Jill Stein’s strings.

Sure, at this point dear reader perhaps you are doubting my assessment. Could there be other explanations for Palmieri’s bizarre statement? (When you thing about it, it is pretty bizarre for someone to essentially go before the public and say “I knew all along we didn’t stand a chance”. Apply it to the NFL, the NBA, etc. and see how ridiculous it sounds.) Keep in mind though, Jennifer Palmieri was Hillary Clintons public relations mullah. The head propagandist. Palmieri’s been making rounds ever since November 9, 2016 trying to make sure Hillary’s legacy doesn’t go the way of other failed candidates like Gore, Dukakis and Mondale.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a Lifetime Network or NBC docudrama conveniently around election day 2018 that chronicles Hillary’s rise and fall. Hillary might even promote it in her tell all book, or on her day time television show.

photo credit: Modified from: Lorie Shaull Senator Clinton & photographers at AIPAC via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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