DISGUSTING: Kid Wears MAGA Hat On Bus, Gets BEATEN By Thugs, and Then It GOT WORSE

Published on February 5, 2017

Where are those slut-shame marchers when they could be useful?

When it suits them politically, the Left understands the premise of not being blamed when someone attacks them.

A couple of years ago, when a judge made a disparaging comment on the clothes worn by a rape victim, there was widespread outrage.

As there should have been. Nobody should EVER be impugned as ‘inviting it’ when they have been forcibly raped.

That is the aggressor’s fault. Full stop. Every time.

The principle at play here is that seeking someone out, and hurting them is wrong.


That extends to other things, as well.

Imagine if someone had their teeth kicked in (literally or figuratively) because they were wearing a Rainbow Flag somewhere on their clothes.

Where would we place blame? It would, of course, be front page news. Headline-grabbing stuff.

Words like ‘hate’ and ‘homophobia’ would be liberally distributed through the stories.

Again, because someone minding their own business has a right to expect he will not be harassed or assaulted for what he is wearing.

Sorry to burst your bubble, leftists, but you haven’t gotten the memo yet.

That SAME right extends to BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Just because you CALL us all kind of despicable names, does NOT mean you get to treat us like something less than a person.

Look at the Leftist ‘tolerance’ in action (remember when bullying was ‘bad’?):

Gavin, 12, was filmed being verbally and physically bullied by his Parkway School District peers because he wore his political beliefs on a hat, on Wednesday, in St. Louis, Missouri.

He got pounded on. For being a Trump supporter.


You’d think that’s where it ends? Nope.


It got worse.

The kid who was bullied, and beat on?


So he faces the same punishment as the instigator.

When all he did was wore a hat that ‘triggered’ the bullies into malevolent action.

Come on. Seriously? You’d expect this sort of outrageous nonsense at Berkely, where Conservatives have no rights… but a twelve year old kid? Have you no sense of decency?

This isn’t even he-said-she-said. They have it on freaking VIDEO!

Share if you think the school is sending the WRONG message.

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