FULL RETARD: Ashley Judd Says Trump’s Election Was WORSE Than Being RAPED!

Published on February 26, 2017

Hey Ladies! Do you STILL want HER for your ‘spokeswoman’?

Back in English class, you will have learned the word ‘hyperbole’. Ashley Judd will demonstrate its use.

“I’m a rape survivor and survivor of incest and I lived alone for two years as a child in two different states, so there’s a lot back there, and of course it’s informed in an impossible to overstate ways my resilience,” she said.

“But my conviction, based on my personal experience, is that the new guy is a sexual predator,” Judd continued, referring to Trump.

“Raped as a child, bad,” Judd said. “Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown, really bad.”

“But my conviction, based on my personal experience, is that the new guy is a sexual predator,” Judd continued, referring to Trump.

“And the fact that there were adult men in my family – who failed to protect me as a child – voted for him, was really re-traumatizing in saying, ‘You’re gonna put me out there again. And the idea that you would protect me has evaporated.’ And it was incredibly painful. Incredibly painful,” she said. —Independent Sentinel

As someone who has know some survivors of abuse, and seen some sense of the depth of their pain, this is an absolutely baffling statement.

How is it possible that being physically violated in such a personal and soul-crushing way can be waved away as somehow a lesser problem than the election of someone she CLAIMS — without substantiation — is a serial abuser of women?

There is a MASSIVE disconnect happening here.

We have no way to know where that disconnect in her mind is happening, whether she has overstated the event she claims, whether she is somehow emotionally disconnected from it, or (the most likely explanation) she has Catastrophic imaginings about all the ‘bad things’ Trump will somehow do to her.

The Left has had such a lock on political power, cultural power, and the power of the press, for so long, they had begun to take it for granted. They pressed their advantage. The swung the pendulum to places in the Left that some of us didn’t even know existed.

Preferred Pronouns? That’s a ‘burning issue’? Really?

But they got cocky, overplayed their hand, and now the pendulum is coming the other way.

If she weren’t so busy having tantrums, she might understand that.

Tantrums aren’t much use. She should take a walk. Get some fresh air. Do some yoga. Whatever it is to get away from whoever and whatever is feeding this childish hysteria.

What’s his REAL track record on Sexual Offenders? He’s actually Making America SAFER from Sexual offenses, you raving moonbat!

Here, read this. It’s from the LA Times, so you’ll like it. Here’s the headline:

Trump touts effort to combat human trafficking

Here’s the tweet (there’s ALWAYS a tweet):

Ashley, dear. Get some help. Seriously.

There Is no monster under the bed.

Not even one named President Donald J. Trump.

I’m sorry if bad things happened to you as a kid. Nobody should ever go through that. But we can say with certainty that the man who hurt you was NOT our President. So settle down.

Feel better?

Maybe make yourself some cocoa. And here’s a coloring book for you.

If you DO become coherent again, there’s even one with words. Try that.

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