DAIN BRAMAGE: Sally Kohn, Says, ‘Trump Should Be IMPEACHED And THIS Person Made President

Published on February 15, 2017

Is Sally off her meds? Or does this pass for rational discourse in her world?

Sally, ‘journalist’ that she is, showed her open disdain for half of America on Election night in a flurry of tweets:

Whew! That’s a lot of tweeting.

But wait! There’s more!

She’s still holding out hope… for a ‘greater tomorrow’ that looks remarkably like 1992 in a pantsuit. (Instead of ‘pants-less’.)

Here’s her tweet:

President Clinton? What ARE you smoking? I missed that part in Civics class that said anytime you don’t like the President you get to mulligan and do-over.

Oh no! But TRUMP is DIFFERENT! We’ve got CNN telling us that he did bad things.

(This is the same CNN that told us Hillary was going to win, and openly MOURNED when she didn’t. You’re REALLY counting THEM as an ‘objective’ source, Sally? Oh right. Of course you are, you were in that same election-night highlight reel.)

Considering the historians’ doubts over JFK’s legitimacy, such an approach could have altered historically dramatically. Possibly even avoided the chain of events leading to the Vietnam War.

See how pointless this game is?

What Sally is having trouble grasping is the fact that nobody NEEDS her permission for Trump to be President. He already is.

If she doesn’t like that, the intelligent thing would be to do what CONSERVATIVES did in the Obama years… get their (s–t) together and get ready to win elections.l

But she’s happy to give her tinfoil-hat tweets. And then walk them back with ‘just kidding’.

Even Democrats are getting tired of the schtick.


Joke’s over Sally.

Let it go.

Go back to trying to reconcile Sharia Law with Homosexuality.

At least that was an INTERESTING fool’s errand.

This is just Old.

Share if this perpetual outrage has got to be exhausting.


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