HEY ‘LIEAWATHA’: MLK’s Niece Just Said THIS About YOU … !

Published on February 9, 2017

Hey Liz! When your critics start using the word ‘integrity’… do you have to look it up?

We saw Elizabeth Warren play that card in the senate, and become instantly the hero of the day for the Democrat cause. Because she ‘persisted’ in deriding Jeff Sessions. Yay. Courage. Or something.

The SAME Jeff Sessions she is so worked up agiainst? The one that was given THIS award:

You will notice that Elizabeth Warren did NOT quote from another of Coretta Scott King’s letters, the one in which she directly contradicts the current Democratic Party’s stance on immigration.

If the virtue associated with the King name should be enough to call the rest of us to comply, should not that very same logic compel the Democrats to reverse their Enthusiastic support of immigration? Just look what she said about the impact of unchecked immigration.

The second letter from Coretta Scott King urged Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch not to repeal sanctions on employers of illegal immigrants, because of the “devastating impact” it could have on unskilled and semi-skilled workers, particularly in the black and Hispanic communities. She signed the letter in 1991, along with eight CEOs of leading African-American organizations and coalitions, lobbying on behalf of the minority voters they then represented all over the country.

King and the other leaders detail an argument for enforcement of immigration laws in the letter that will sound familiar to anyone who has paid attention to Sessions’ hawkish positions on immigration, which he became known for in the Senate. They were concerned that Hatch’s proposal to get rid of the sanctions on employers who hired illegal immigrants would cause another problem — discrimination against minority American workers in favor of cheaper illegal immigrant workers.

“We are concerned, Senator Hatch, that your proposed remedy … will cause another problem — the revival of the pre-1986 discrimination against black and brown U.S. and documented workers, in favor of cheap labor — the undocumented workers,” they wrote. “This would undoubtedly exacerbate an already severe economic crisis in communities where there are large numbers of new immigrants.” —DailyCaller

More to the point, we see Alveda King — MLK’s Neice — contradicting what Warren had to say.

Who should we listen to? Elizabeth Warren? Or Alveda King?

Maybe instead of firing burning arrows at the candidates, and hoping they’ll set off a political firestorm, Elizabeth Warren should refer to Marco Rubio’s thoughts on decorum and civility.

Here are some helpful hyperlinks for the words (decorum, civility). We offer this for the benefit of any Democrats seeing these words for the first time.

It’s sad when people name drop to seem important.

It’s worse when Politicians do it to score political points.

Elizabeth? You’ve been called out by King’s own relative for your (her words) ‘Bait-and-Switch’ use the name of ‘King’, stirring up people’s emotions, play the race card, which she was attempting to do…

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