MORE IVANKA HATRED! Another Retailer DUMPS Ivanka For Not Being ‘LIBERAL’ Enough

Published on February 16, 2017

The financial assault on Ivanka’s products continues.

Another company caved and stopped stocking Ivanka’s products.

The REALLY haven’t thought this through, have they?

What happens if they actually manage to bankrupt her business? What then?

How many RIGHT-leaning people do you think work designing her products? Who will they REALLY be hurting?

The activists don’t care about such ‘trivialities’. At all. They have singular rabid hate for all things Trumpian.

They know they can’t hurt Trump directly. So they will try to hurt him through his daughter.

Wow, that’s cold. Taking your political cues from the Mafia are you? Or is that beneath even them?

Who caved this time? Burlington Coat Factory.

We saw what happened when the Grammy singer wore the MAGA dress to the awards… she crushed it in Amazon sales.

We saw the same thing with the so-called Chick-fil-A boycott.

When We the People vote with our wallets, there are TWO ways we can do it. We can avoid what we hate or — more effectively — we can support what we love.

The Left has an organized hashtag campaign.

If we REALLY wanted to, we could troll their various boycotts, and do counter-campaigns of support to the things and companies they hate, to negate the power they have to bully.

There might even be enough work with that to run a website, if someone wanted to put in the effort.

It would be beating the Left at their own game.

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