LMAO: The Internet MELTS Over This Thug’s MUGSHOT – HILARIOUS Comments!

Published on February 25, 2017

It’s gotta be pretty bad when the MUGSHOT is more ‘newsworthy’ than a robbery.

How shall I explain the reaction you’ll have when you see this guy’s mugshot?

Have you seen Austin Powers? This scene here nails it:

But instead of the mole, it’s whatever the hell is going on with his scalp.

But like we said. This was a mugshot. So let’s cover the REAL news first.

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Yes, this ‘brainiac’ (sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself) was arrested for armed robbery. They busted in on a BIRTHDAY PARTY.

A South Carolina teen has pleaded guilty to armed robbery at a child’s birthday party and was sentenced to 5 years maximum in prison.

Rufus Gates, 17, along with another man who was already sentenced to 10 years in prison, stormed into a room at the Santee’s Delta Motel in December of 2015 where four kids and two adults were having a birthday party. Both men were armed with guns.

Gates and the other man, Lamar Outlaw, forced the kids and adults into a corner and demanded money from one man.

The men were arrested soon after.

Outlaw? The other guy’s name was ‘Outlaw’? This story keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Anyway, Rufus will be in prison for awhile.

Good. He can have his head looked at. Not psychiatry. (Well, not ONLY that.) We mean his actual head. We don’t know WHAT the hell is going on there, or if it’s even natural.

Meet Rufus:


Look carefully. Is that his HAIR? Or is his SKIN like that? What’s going on there? Does he need medical attention? This is so confusing.


Well THAT’s a relief.

The comment section was merciless. But hey, the moron stuck up a kid’s birthday party. So, don’t look for sympathy here:


Or here:


“Okay but why does his head look like his skin is touching his brain”

“What kind of haircut you want fam?”
“You know the kind that looks like your pruned fingers…”
“Say no more”..


“You CAN’T post a pic like that and not explain it.”

Actually, yes they can. And they did.

The Best / Worst comment we’ve seen so far? Be forewarned. It’s a rude one.

“What kind of haircut you want fam?”

“You know the kind that looks like your ball sack in the cold”

“Say no more”..

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