PROPAGANDA: ‘Leaders’ Attack U.S. Intelligence Community And INSIST Travel Ban is A ‘Muslim Ban’

Written by Paul Hair on February 13, 2017

American leaders are incessantly propagandizing that Donald Trump issued an executive order that bans Muslims from the U.S. That lie and attack on national security is despicable in its own right. But that isn’t enough for them. Instead, they are also actively attacking members of the American intelligence community.

Trump has not issued an executive order or other directive banning Muslims from the U.S. But that hasn’t stopped the media and other progressives from issuing non-stop fake news saying that he has. They also claim he has no authority to control who enters the U.S. No surprise, of course. They hate truth and constantly think of new ways to lie. Still, this is a particularly big lie.

We lived through eight years of Obama. And during that time everyone from SCOTUS justices to pundits told us that immigration law and defense of the border solely belong to the executive branch of the federal government. Yet less than a month into the Trump administration, the same people are conducting influence operations that are telling us that states have a fundamental right to shelter illegal alien invaders, and that the executive branch has no power to defend the American borders. And they tell us this is the way it has always been.

So in addition to lying about Trump banning Muslims, they are lying to us about the Executive and his authority regarding sovereignty. This is odious on its own. But it gets worse when you think about what else progressives are doing regarding national security.

The Associated Press reported on Jan. 27 that, “A federal judge on Friday refused to dismiss a lawsuit against two psychologists who designed the CIA’s harsh interrogation methods used on terror detainees, pushing them closer to a trial that is expected to include secret information.”

I was a member of the intelligence community for eight years. During that entire time progressives inside and outside of the government went after us with ever-increasing insanity. They hated us (and still do) for protecting the nation. They will never stop looking for ways to prosecute us or otherwise attack us.

Society bombards us with a lot of garbage about “the need to come together” and “the need to stop all the fighting so we can have serious debate.” Have fun with that if you think that’s good advice. Have fun trying to debate and find common ground with people who absolutely hate you and will never stop trying to destroy you.

But I’m not going to be that stupid. Instead, I’ll do my small part in fighting and opposing people who hate good and fight for evil.

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