Q: What Does TRASH & Modern Feminism Have In Common? A: SARAH SILVERMAN

Written by K. Walker on February 28, 2017

Sarah Silverman, alleged comedian, is proving how amazing feminism is…

…at completely denying reality.

Silverman’s illogical twitter ramblings have proven to be funnier than her day job — but, unfortunately for Sarah — those are generally the ones she wants us to take seriously.

Like her outrage at the ‘Street Swastikas’ all over the place!

Those markings have to be swastikas because of all the Nazis that have been set loose after November 8!


No, those aren’t Nazi hate symbols. Those are marks construction workers use to show pipes and wires.

Well, that was embarrassing for Silverman.

How can she be perpetually outraged if there is nothing to outrage her?

Well, you can always just make stuff up to push your feminist ‘street cred’.

Like this:

She’s a feminist and chose her path. She doesn’t need a man and a family to be fulfilled.

Look at what she chose to give up — motherhood.

Because mothers can’t be living their ‘fullest life’ saddled with kids, right?

It’s just not possible despite it being done all of the time.

But her life is so sweet…

It’s her bestest life ever!

No kids, swastikas everywhere, and a President to hate while you vent your rage at him.

Erm… maybe not the ‘fullest life’ after all:

Is is just me, or does it sound like Sarah resents that men aren’t generally the primary caregivers of children?

Because she’d rather be a ‘fun dad’ than a sad, lonely childless woman mom that is ‘stuck at home’ with the kids.

Dad’s don’t sacrifice anything for their kids, right, Sarah?

Nah. They’re hands-off parents. They leave it all up to the moms and just be the ‘fun dad’ when they come home.

Don’t be hating on the men because your feminist pathway didn’t work out the way you thought it would.

Here comes the really bitter tweet:


They always have to sacrifice something.

Men, they just come for the fun.

Like all of those dads that are in the military.

Good grief!

What a horrible way to generalize both moms and dads!

Sarah Silverman has been cocooned in that feminist, liberal bubble.

It looks like she has some regrets about her life choices, but those were her choices.

It wasn’t the fault of men, so lay off.

Own your own choices, Sarah.

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