When Trump MOCKS The Media, He’s Simply Doing What JESUS Would Do

Written by Doug Giles on February 27, 2017

If you’re sick of ‘The Media’ and all of their obvious/radically skewed left of Left ’news’ then you gotta love Trump kicking the shiitake mushrooms out of them on a daily basis.

It’s frickin’ beautiful.

To moi, it’s right up there with viewing Victoria Falls, the birth of my two children, a West Texas tornado, a well made British double rifle, a beautifully crafted Safari Cigar, the roar of a lion and a perfectly cooked spicy chicharone. It. Is. Awesome. Pass the vodka!

Oh, and BTW, I don’t believe that Cruz or Rubio or Kasich, definitely not Jeb, would have had the cojones, courage and the comedic chops to carry on a sustained war, like Trump has, against the ‘Opposition Party’ aka ‘The Media.’

So, why am I giddy like a schoolgirl when Trump trounces the little trollops that’ve brutalized and lied to us for decades?

Well, it’s exactly for the aforementioned.

‘The Media’ has been spewing smegma our way for many moons and, finally, we have a leader who’s not taking their junk and publicly letting them have it. It’s payback time and you know what they say about paybacks, eh?

For some of my evangelical NeverTrumper colleagues who winced a bit at Trump’s lack of a Christ-like example, I’d like to point out to you snowflakes that him having a rollicking good time jackhammering the vendors of lies is about as Christ-like as it comes. Jesus rode the crap out of that skateboard.

So, ‘What would Jesus Do?’ you asked you inquiring mind you?

Well, from a cursory glance at the gospels, it lookie like he’d verbally abuse CNN, that’s what.

But such is lost on some of the fairer, more pussified saints and sinners, who failed to read, or can’t read, in the Bible where Jesus often went out of his way to let the crapslingers who sought to enslave people with misinformation have it right between the eyes.

Ergo, the next time Trump queues up to BBQ the likes of CNN and/or The New York Times, please bow your head and thank God for a President that’s following Christ’s example of taking zero crap from the chief purveyors of bullshit … i.e. – ‘The Media.’

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