WATCH: Media Slips, Tells Us Their ‘REAL’ Job … Do You Agree?

Published on February 22, 2017

THIS is why we call you ‘Presstitutes’, and WORSE things.
Get your swear jar money ready!

First off, the MSNBC personality Mika Brzezinski was trying to slap Trump around.

(On MSNBC? Shocking!)

Mika was trying to make the case that if Trump discredits the media daily it has a serious implication. When they eventually get around to reporting an actual NEWS story… say a drop in employment … Trump could have ‘undermined the messaging so much that he could control what people think

There we have it. She’s afraid of Trump controlling what people think. (The NEXT thing she said was the one that got her in hot water. The one about that being ‘our job’. But let’s start with her naked idea before the (Freudian?) slip. Because context matters. First, hear the quote for yourself:

What’ she’s completely oblivious to in her little rant is the fact that she and others like her are overtaxing our capacity to be outraged.

We have heard her OWN network call Trump Hitlerian. (By ‘objective’ Reporter Chis Matthews, who reportedly has received medical treatment for that ‘thrill up his leg’.) That’s one example among many.

We are daily treated to announcements of Trump’s racism etcetera, without corroborating evidence. The same treatement the REST of us on the right have had so long, we no longer had anything to lose by ‘owning it’ and voting Trump.

Why should Mika realize this is a problem? Because if the Press paints Trump as a devil in every news story, however benign the ‘offence’ is, you are stealing your own voice.

YOU are training the public to have a ‘meh’ reaction to THIS TRUMP Story is like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor overloaded rhetoric.

Your lack any ability to modulate. You COULD let small stories be small. Save your outrage for the big stuff.

Then you gave away the store when you say ‘that’s our job’.

You treated the RIGHT as ignorant for ‘not understanding’ you. That’s why we used the full context here. But really there is no escaping it. Here is her reaction to the Right’s criticism:

Make up their own facts? We have FOOTAGE Mika. You don’t get to give us alternative facts.

Isn’t that what you were accusing Trump of doing in that very clip?

By controlling information, you control opinion. The media know that. The NEW media know that.

And for the first time… you have LOST your ideological LOCK on the flow of information. You are now only one of MANY possible conduits through which information can flow to the public.

You can be bypassed now. Trump can even Live Stream himself if he wants to, and cut you out of the loop entirely. Which would make you actually… (gasp!) … RESEARCH news stories!

The reason so many in the public cheer when you get called out as fake media, is EXACTLY because you are HOPING to tell a bad news story about Trump’s economy … while you steadfastly REFUSED to tell us about the problems under Obama’s administration.

You play favorites. The one thing you have that could make you valuable to the public is your integrity.

Too bad you sold yours so cheaply. Thus: ‘PRESStitutes’.

Most of us can think for ourselves, thanks. Just report the REAL NEWS… or step aside for others who will.

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