WATCH: Starbucks Is A GHOST TOWN But This Java Co. Is KICKIN’ ASS!

Starbucks keeps feeding the hand that bites them. And look where THAT’S getting them!

You know who this REALLY sucks for? Franchisors who thought they’d be selling coffee, not politics.

It’s the Franchisors who keep having their stores trashed every time there’s a riot.

Like here:


And here:

The morning after the Stanley Cup riot in downtown Vancouver. June 16, 2011. (Stephen Hui)
The morning after the Stanley Cup riot in downtown Vancouver. June 16, 2011. (Stephen Hui)

And here:


And why is it always a Starbucks? Truly this is a worldwide phenomenon!

But hey, what does the CEO care? It’s not HIS store!

Starbucks is pouring more money into leftist causes than they are coffee into cups. And those same leftist causes are probably why they’re pouring less coffee into cups.

Look at this clip of two coffee shops, side by side.

Check out the lineup at each coffee shop. What do you notice?

Oh, look! One shop is FULL and the other is a wasteland.

That’s called ‘voting with your feet’.

They’re called ‘Caribou Coffee’. Here’s their website, if you want to know more about them.

We didn’t need a boycott. Or a demonstration. Or to march half-naked down main street with profanity-laced signs.

All we needed was for Starbucks to say… ‘we stand for this and against that.’

To which the public said…

‘Thanks for clearing that up… and, also? Bye forever.’

When will they learn that it’s bad for business to attack your customers?

Share this and give Starbucks shareholders an early wake-up call.

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