WOW! Look What Disgusting CHILD KILLER Was Seen Protesting TRUMP!

Published on February 6, 2017

If we judge people by their ‘friends’ now, will the Anti-Trumpers have to denounce..?

Child Killer.

Where does that rate on the Liberal Sin scale, compared to, say, running a successful business or being a Republican?

Apparently, not very high. Becuase LOOK who joined the Anti-Trump protests.

It’s Casey Anthony!

You remember her, don’t you? She was the one who was acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter before other incriminating details (like a search for ‘foolproof suffocation methods’ on the computer in the home — on the day of her daughter’s disappearance).

In case you missed it… here are a few details about the woman joining the anti-Trump protests.

Ask your leftist friends if they REALLY want friends like her ‘helping’ their cause. (What next? OJ backing BLM?)

More than five years after a jury in Florida cleared Casey Anthony in the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, a private investigator claimed the mom’s attorney admitted she killed the girl and hid her body.

Dominic Casey made the claim in court documents that went public last month in Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy case. He also suggested that the mom paid her lawyer with sex. Fox News

Let’s see if we understand this correctly.

A woman implicated in the murder of her own 2-year-old daughter…

(Killing a little girl… is that ‘misogynist’ at all?)

Who declared bankruptcy…

Who appears to have paid her lawyer with SEX…

… is trying to denounce Trump?

Share if a child killer’s political opinions Hurt their FRIENDS more than their ‘foes’.