YO, CNN: The MAJORITY Of Europeans AGREE With Trump Regarding Islam & Immigration

Published on February 8, 2017

Europe knows something the media doesn’t. Can you guess what?

A majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries, a poll has revealed.

An average of 55 per cent of people across the 10 European countries surveyed wanted to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

The Chatham House study, conducted before US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, found majorities in all but two of the ten states opposed immigration from mainly Muslim countries.
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Now watch UKIP Leader and Brexit advocate Nigel Farage defend President Trump’s Travel suspension:

The wave of humanity that came pouring into Europe, as you remember was right after those photos of a drowned toddler became headlines.

The toddler, Alan Kurdi becaome the symbol of the refugee crisis, and the ‘think of the children’ guilt trip perpetrated on an unsuspecting Western society.

Wave after wave of ‘Syrian refugees’ came to Europe. They came from Syria. And Afghanistan. And Yemen. And Libya. And a whole bunch of other places … as ‘refugees’.

We, in the compassionate West were expecting the old, the infirm, and women with babes-in-arms.

Instead, we saw mostly men. Young, healthy men. Shockingly unruly men with little or no desire to show gratitude to the countries that took them in.

The ‘refugees’ left Finland… they didn’t like it there.

There are now no-go areas in France where women are told not to walk in the streets.

Sweden’s rape statistics are astronomical.

(That’s not even accounting for the Mosques found to have weapons caches.)

And the toddler whose story kicked this off in the first place?

It looks like they LIED to us, manipulating our feelings for their own gain.

The man whose dead son washed up on the beach? He wasn’t a ‘victim of money-grabbing human smugglers’. He was at the helm of the doomed boat.

These polls tell us that Europe is getting sick of having their kindness taken for granted. Public opinion is turning against the ‘migrants’ who are increasingly been seen as unwelcome freeloaders.

Whatever the media might tell you, the voice of experience is telling us that Trump is on the right track.

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