YO, CNN: Sweden Sends BACK A Staggering Amount Of Refugees – Is THAT ‘News?’

Written by K. Walker on February 20, 2017

It’s 2017, and after years of refugees flooding European borders, Sweden is taking a step back from their ‘open borders’ stance.

Last year, Sweden said that it was going to carefully examine refugee applications and forcibly return some of the migrants that have claimed refugee status.

How many? A staggering 80,000.

Now that seems like a lot, but not so much when you consider that, at one point in 2015, Sweden received 10,000 applications a week.

At the end of 2016, Sweden’s Immigration Minister had said that the firm restrictions and deportations would be implemented in 2017.

Doesn’t that sound like like ‘extreme vetting’?


Sweden is to reject up to 80,000 people who applied for asylum in the country last year, as many as half of whom will be forced to leave against their will, according to official estimates.

The interior ministry has called on police and migration authorities to prepare for a sharp increase in deportations, and to arrange charter flights to expel refused asylum seekers to their country of origin. Sweden is also approaching other EU countries, including Germany, to discuss cooperation to increase efficiency and make sure flights are filled to capacity, it said.

On Thursday Finland’s interior minister said Helsinki also intended to expel about 20,000 of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received in 2015. “In principle we speak of about two-thirds, meaning approximately 65 percent of the 32,000 will get a negative decision (to their asylum application),” Paivi Nerg, the ministry’s administrative director, told Agence France-Presse.

Sweden received more than 160,000 asylum applications last year – by far the biggest influx in the EU as a proportion of the population. Between 60,000 and 80,000 of them will be rejected, the interior minister, Anders Ygeman, told Swedish media on Thursday…

…Sweden started to introduce border controls in November to stem the number of asylum seekers arriving there, which was running at 10,000 each week. In January it made it impossible for refugees to cross the bridge linking Sweden with Denmark unless they could show a passport or driving licence, since when the numbers are down to about 800 a week.
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Watch Swedish Immigration Minister, Morgan Johannson:

Everyone on the Left and in the Media (D) is freaking out about President Trump’s Executive Order that temporarily restricts travel from terror-risk nations.

The Media (D) is even spreading false information.

Those of us that were skeptical of flooding freedom-loving western democracies with oppressive middle-eastern Sharia-advocates have been reporting that violence and rape have both been on the rise in Sweden.

Left-wing Vox disagrees and says that the stats are made up:

If you spend any time in the conservative media, particularly alt-right or anti-Islam sites, there’s a clear narrative about Sweden: Muslim migrants are raping Swedish women at unprecedented numbers.

Look, for example, at Breitbart — Trump senior strategist Steve Bannon’s old publication. It’s published an enormous number of pieces in recent years on the alleged migrant rape crisis in Sweden, focusing on cities like Malmö with large Muslim immigrant populations. Representative headlines include “Police warn of child rape epidemic in migrant-occupied Malmo” and “Migrants jailed after woman abducted at gun point, gang-raped in hookah bar basement.”…

…These claims have even made it into more mainstream outlets like National Review and Fox News. Friday night, Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviewed Ami Horowitz, a journalist who said that “from the onset of the refugee crisis, there was a surge in [Swedish] gun violence and rape.” Slate’s Daniel Politi theorizes that Trump watched the segment and hence decided to say something about Sweden in his subsequent speech.

That’s hard to say for sure. But the odds are, given the consistency of the narrative about Sweden in the right-wing mediasphere, that Trump heard one of these claims about a Swedish refugee rape epidemic somewhere — and appropriated them to justify his travel ban.

The problem, though, is that this “rape epidemic” is as fake as the Bowling Green massacre.
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See that? It’s all fake.

Only, it isn’t.

The Sweden Democrats (SD) and Moderate Party (MP) also lambasted the Swedish PM for the crisis within the police force…

Mattias Karlsson SD took an even harsher approach to the continued problems within the country, which as been plagued with violent crimes, sex attacks and car fires, as he also insisted Police Commissioner Dan Eliassons should step down from the top role…

…Mr Eliassons sparked widespread fury last year after he went on national television and expressed sympathy for a migrant who murdered asylum worker Alexandra Mezher.

After the 22-year-old’s horrific death, the head of the Swedish police force said the arrested youth may have been traumatised by “horrors” he has witnessed.

A number of people demanded the police chief’s resignation after the TV appearance, including Kent Ekeroth, a member of parliament for the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, who tweeted: “This is where Dan Eliasson feels sorry for the guy who knife murdered the woman at the asylum home – resign!”…

In February 2016, the National Criminal Investigation Service was forced to admit more than 50 areas in were now labelled as “no-go zones” as sex crimes, attacks on police, drug dealing and children carrying weapons were common occurrences.

Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, has been so hard hit by crime and car fires, the Social Democrats demanded soldiers should be sent in to reestablish law and order.
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Ami Horowitz made a documentary film about the rape crisis in Sweden. He was featured on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News recently.

Here is an excerpt from the documentary titled, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’:

The documentary says that there is a clash of cultures between the free, western democracy of Sweden to the culture of the immigrants that are coming in.

There is not the integration into the western culture, but rather areas of Sweden are adapting to the culture.

Germany was doing the same with their advocacy of the hijab for non-Muslim women.

What do you think of Sweden’s new ‘extreme vetting’?

Does this support President Trump’s stance on Immigration and Refugees?

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