1.2M VIEWS! This Warrior Chick Is AWESOME – She’s WAKING Poland Up To The INVASION! (WATCH)

This young lady shows what a Warrior Chick is made of. She’s taking a stand — for her country.

For her culture.

For her values.

For her faith.

For her King.

It’s just beautiful.



Just when you were concerned for the future with the authoritarian globalist leftists that want to kill Western culture — or just shut down dissenting views — here is a beacon of hope.

There are more like her.

They’re being shouted down in colleges, having their events disrupted by protesters, harrassed in classrooms by activist teachers — but still they press on.

Over here at ClashDaily, we have a soft spot for anyone that stands up against Anjem Choudary and Sharia Law.

Bravo to this brave young lady standing up to the Islamic invasion of Europe and saying, ‘No! Not in Poland’.

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