BUSH Called Trump’s Inauguration ‘Some Weird S**T!’ – So We Put Him On FULL BLAST

Published on March 30, 2017

Is Dubya sure he wants to go down this road?

Seated next to Hillary Clinton, Dubya was present for President Trump’s inauguration speech.

It sounds like he wishes he wasn’t. Several sources are reporting Bush had this to say about it.

“That was some weird shit.”

Sorry Dubya. Maybe the fumes from the swamp you’re living in have muddled your head.

Which — exactly — did you have a problem with that was worth speaking out over.

Especially considering that deafening silence when Obama weaponized the government against American citizens and your family STILL made it VERY clear that you liked Hillary better.

Thanks for that valuable lesson on why America REJECTS the notion of familial Succession to power. It has a serious corrupting influence.

Why do you suppose Dubya objected to that speech?

Could it be THIS?

Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.

For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.

Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs, and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

That all changes starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you. It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America. This is your day, this is your celebration, and this, the United States of America, is your country.

Is it possible that someone who is a Defacto Political Dynasty has no understanding that he has become just as much an establishment as the Clintons?

Now that Dubya is not a threat to their political regime — he HAS no political power anymore — he has no futher use as a political foil as ‘the enemy’. But — just like McCain — now that he has been domesticated, he can be used to hurt CURRENT Republicans.

Not that Dubya was PARTICULARLY Republican.

The Orwellian phrase ‘Religion of Peace’ (conveniently Fact checked here) is as much Bush legacy as anything else.

The weaponizing of the intelligence agencies against private citizens as was apparently done under Obama would not have been possible without changes made in the Bush years.

To you, Dubya, we say this:

You have had NOTHING positive to say about the REPUBLICAN candidate — meaning the guy chosen by the same people who chose YOU, and have furnished you with a FINE living by consequence — who stood up to the same establishment YOU now embrace when they DAILY whacked you like a pinata.

We knew your flaws — especially on the Domestic side, as you embraced the enlargement of Government rather than the minimizing of it. As you dragged the party leftward to the ‘center’.

We defended you anyway.

And THE thanks WE get for not throwing you to the wolves is that you side with the very swamp we intend to drain. The opponents of Freedom — they don’t live in the Middle-East only.

There is ANOTHER sort of ‘evildoers’ right here in America. Those who would leverage public service for wealth and ambition to the neglect of those who get stuck with the tab.

So, Dubya. We have YET to hear you stand in support of our President, even though he is being treated like a rag doll by people whose intentions are as obvious as they are dishonest.

If you will not stand WITH us, and the President that WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE —

[you still believe in that process, don’t you? Your family has profited HANDSOMELY from it more than once, and JEB! tried to do so again]

— then maybe you’re part of the problem.

We had your back once. We paid prices for it in our own lives. Are you unwilling to do the same fo us?

We were — many of us, despite your Left-leaning big-government flaws — your fierce friends. You do NOT want to see how we are to those who betray such a friendship.

The left once called you an idiot.

Now they call you a useful one.

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