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News Clash

BUSTED: Watch HAMAS Get CAUGHT Manipulating The News … With FAKE Casualties

Since we’re so interested in foreigners ‘playing’ us through the media… maybe THIS footage is worth discussing?

Ever wonder why there’s always someone handy to film (and upload) the carnage every time there is a conflict between Israel and the Palestinians?

Do they really have that many more phones in Samaria (the ‘West Bank’) or the Gaza Strip than they do in nearby Israel? Probably not.

But SOMETHING must account for the rapid-response video footage — that even goes back before cell phones and social media — that always seems to have ready access to the news networks.

Well… it looks like they’ve tipped their hand.


Do corpses covered in sheets NORMALLY have a habit of squirming, shifting their feet, or scratching their face while they are covered?

I’m no surgeon but aren’t MOST corpses usually… what’s the word ..?

Lifeless? Nope. Not this crowd.

How callous are these people? They are STAGING a photo op of corpses to manipulate the Western media to favor THEIR cause against Israel’s.

That’s bad. What’s worse?

We believe it.

They have learned how to use sophisticated victim-driven story-telling to shape Western policy.

You haven’t already forgotten how one single photo changed the world, have you?


This is just MORE fake news that you’ve probably seen on CNN.

Isn’t it SAD when CNN is starting to look like Monty Python?

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