CUOMO GOES FULL CUOMO: Just Because Mike Brown SOLD Drugs Doesn’t Make Him A DRUG DEALER

CNN’s Chris Cuomo says some pretty unbelievable things. But this one… Whoa, Nelly!

Cuomo recently said that little girls shouldn’t be squeamish about seeing a trannie’s junk in the locker room. Because: tolerance.

Cuomo also whined that journalists being called ‘Fake News’ is the same as African-Americans being called the N-word.

We’re still not sure why Cuomo was weighing in on what ‘journalists’ think, though. It’s not like he is one.

But… in his discussion about the new video of Michael Brown, he goes FULL CUOMO.

And that can be dangerous.

While the cameras were rolling, the discussion went to the fact that Michael Brown was trying to ‘trade’ marijuana for cigarillos.

One guest says:

‘It still shows him as a drug dealer anyway if this is true. It’s a drug deal Chris, it’s a drug deal.

Cuomo retorts:

‘That doesn’t make him a drug dealer.’


He actually said that.

With a straight face and everything.

Watch the insanity:


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