FAKE NEWS ANCHOR: Is Univision’s Jorge Ramos REALLY Hispanic?

Written by Andrew Allen on March 14, 2017

We owe a thank you to the Walter Cronkite of Latin America, Jorge Ramos, for admitting what we all suspected the #Resist crowd is really about. Give #Resist a chance and, like every leftist movement from Stalin to Jim Jones, the end result will be the wholesale slaughter of millions.

That’s essentially what Ramos was getting at when he declared that America wasn’t white people’s America anymore but that it was “our country.” That’s right. In Jorge’s view, the nation belongs to people of color so white people need to sit down and shut up (as suggested by activists on college campuses), pay a surtax (an additional tax, on a graduated scale to differentiate between heterosexual white people and LGBT white people, was recently proposed in an on-line editorial), and in general accept whatever oppression Emmy award winning journalists that habla español decide to dish out.

Presumably, such oppression would feature more stupid #Resist marches in which grown women dress up like their private parts to shriek about the things white people are supposed to be doing to them …except if it’s not white people’s America anymore then doesn’t that mean blame should be placed somewhere else? Like, on non-white people?

Not in my lifetime (which is approaching five decades on this blue-green gum drop we’re riding around the sun) has a major league media figure issued such a racist and dangerous statement on the air and not been sanctioned for it.

But It Gives Jorge Cover
Ever take a good look at Jorge Ramos? He’s the first blue-eyed Hispanic I’ve ever seen. Now before you get upset and tell me how northern Spaniards are often blonde-haired and blue-eyed, I’ll ask you to remember that in Spain people don’t view themselves as Hispanic. They consider themselves Spaniards. I lived there for a few years and witnessed it myself. The term Hispanic applies to Latin Americans living on this side of the world. Call a Spaniard an Hispanic and you are essentially insulting the Spaniard.

The term Latin American is an odd one too. They don’t speak Latin. I’m not sure what connection, other than maybe Catholicism for some, that one can draw between a Jorge Ramos-type and the Latin heritage of Rome. Anyway…

Jorge Ramos is blue-eyed. I’m not saying there aren’t blue-eyed Hispanics. I am saying there aren’t many of them. And that I’ve never seen one.

Jorge talks funny, too. Like English, Spanish is very different in different parts of the Spanish speaking world. For example, back in the 1970s Spain accepted Cuban refugees and then tried to employee some of them as radio news broadcasters. The project failed because Spaniards couldn’t understand the Cuban accented Spanish. Indeed, when I lived in Spain I knew of a few Puerto Ricans that could barely communicate in Spanish with the locals. So maybe Jorge’s Spanish is like that.

Even though he’s supposed to be from a suburb of Mexico City originally. For someone that grew up near Mexico City, his Spanish and his accented English sound different from just about any I’ve ever heard. It’s almost as though maybe Jorge is forcing the accent. Maybe. He’s. Making. It. Up.

It is entirely possible Jorge Ramos isn’t Hispanic at all. Yes, maybe he was born and raised in Mexico City. To German parents or ancestry. I know a guy like that. Born and raised in Mexico City with a name straight out of Deutschland. (I can’t give you his full name obviously but can say his first name is “Klaus”.)

Like Rachel Dolezal, maybe Jorge decided he was of Hispanic instead of German-Mexican origin. That would explain his hateful diatribe against white people. And his unhinged tendencies.

Image: Modified from: By Bill Ingalls, NASA – NASA Univision Hispanic Education Campaign, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46427663

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