HERO MOM: Thug Tries To RAPE 2yr. Old Girl At Park – Mom Arrives And Kicks His @SS

Published on March 14, 2017

Great Job, mom! That guy should be grateful he lived long enough to be arrested.

A man has been charged with attempting to sodomize a two-year-old girl while she was at a playground with her mother.
William L. Bates Jr., 24, allegedly grabbed the toddler from a swing in Kansas City, Missouri, before pulling down her diaper, dropping his pants, and thrusting against her, her mother told police.

Bates approached the girl from behind, grabbed her from the swing, and pulled her diaper down, the mother told police.
He then proceeded to lift his shirt and drop his pants before thrusting against the two-year-old, according to her mother.
Police said the woman knocked Bates to the ground and punched him before he managed to run away. —DailyMail

That quick-thinking mom beat the hell out of the thug and got help. Thug was quickly arrested.

Stoned or no, who DOES something like that?


She’s a BABY for goodness’ sake!

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