HEY NEVER-TRUMPERS: That Wall You Hate … Guess Who’s BIDDING To BUILD It?

Published on March 15, 2017

We’ve heard Trump throw red meat to his rallies… “Who will pay for it?”

But were ANY of his critics expecting this plot twist?

Mario Burgos owns the Albuquerque-based professional services firm, Burgos Group. He is just one of about 60 Hispanic business owners who are now bidding for contracts with the federal government as it seeks to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall. Burgos conducts business in seven states and employs around 120 people, according to CNN.

But Burgos isn’t the only Hispanic business owner looking to take advantage of the president’s proposal. About 600 private businesses have tossed their names into the hat, in hopes of landing one of the lucrative deals. Of the 600 companies, about 60 — or 10 percent — are Hispanic-owned.

“It’s not an anti-immigrant thing for me,” Burgos told CNN. “It’s about creating jobs. And honestly [it’s] like any other job.” —Blaze

Which brings up a good question. When did Liberals start opposing infrastructure jobs? And how do their UNION backers feel about it?

Well, maybe the collapse that ‘Blue Wall’ in the Electoral College settles that question.

But that doesn’t stop Democrat knee-jerk opposition to all things Republican.

What next? Will Democrats try to shut down the government just to oppose the wall? Actually, they MIGHT!

But THAT would be EVIL. And HEARTLESS. (We know this because that’s what they called Republicans when REPUBLICANS wanted to shut down the government.)

That tells us one of two things.

Either they are lying, opportunistic pieces of something unprintable

Or… They THEMSELVES were the evil ones all along.

Come to think of it, these options are NOT mutually exclusive.

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