HILLARY CLINTON’S Private Email Server: The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Written by K. Walker on March 8, 2017

By Captain Dave Funk
Clash Daily Contributor

It was widely reported last week that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has downgraded from private jet travel to flying on a commercial airliner. Just like during the campaign when Madam Hillary took a commercial flight, I’m highly suspicious of the optics and timing here; as we all should be anytime the Clinton’s are involved.

No sooner does USA Today run a headline article that now Vice President Pence and then Governor of Indiana used his private AOL email account for some State of Indiana Official Business. Funny thing happened, SOS Clinton just happened to be photographed staring at that USA Today the same day that headline appeared while seated on that commercial airliner.


The difference here is that for then Governor Pence, his use of an AOL email account to conduct Official Business was legal and all emails were properly archived. Unlike then-SOS Clinton, who was most likely running the private email server to hide her pay to play activities and possibly violating the US Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause?

From 41,000 feet it’s pretty clear that nothing ever happens by accident with the Clintons. I’m waiting to see who can tie the chance photo-taker and publisher back to the Clintons.

Image: Taken from https://twitter.com/RealSaintNick6?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw; and Screen Shot @: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=36&v=zR7rYDs7D9A

dave-funkCaptain Dave Funk: Constitutionalist, hunter, dad and patriot, Dave has retired as both a US Army attack helicopter pilot and a Boeing 757 International Captain for Northwest Airlines; Dave has spent most of the last few years piloting US Department of Defense special mission aircraft in the “Sandbox”. With a unique perspective on the world that comes from thousands of hours at 41,000 feet, his ability to explain complex aviation question in simple terms has earned him guest commentator spots on most major TV and radio networks.

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