OPRAH 2020: Trump’s Political Success Has Her Asking … Why Not Me?

Published on March 1, 2017

The Democrat ‘contenders’ waiting for their turn must be sweating bullets at this news.

‘I thought, “Oh, gee, I don’t have experience. I don’t know enough. I don’t.”
‘And now I’m thinking, “Oh! Oh!”‘

Internet publisher Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report threw fuel on the fire Wednesday, tweeting that he is hoping to see Winfrey run against Trump in 2020.

‘Trump vs Oprah would be the most epic race in American history,’ Drudge wrote, linking to this article. ‘MAKE THIS HAPPEN…’

…She told Rubenstein, a famed philanthropist who interviews business leaders on his show, that she built her career on one unlikely triumph after another.

When she was hired to host ‘A. M. Chicago’ in 1984, she said, most of her friends predicted she would fail because her show competed with legendary interviewer Phil Donahue.

‘It didn’t matter to me because I did not think that he was beatable,’ she recalled.
But ultimately, ‘I beat him. I did. I wasn’t trying to.’

If Oprah should run for president and win, she would gain one of the only public platforms bigger than the one she already enjoys. — DailyMail

What would Oprah stepping onto the political stage do the pecking order in the Democrats?

It brought that one clip from Dark Knight to mind:

Introduce some anarchy..?

Upset the establishment..?

Agent of chaos..?

Yeah, that sounds about right. Grab your popcorn, this could get interesting.

If NOTHING else, it would shake up the entitlement attitude of ‘lifelong politicians’ who are trading favors and ‘waiting their turn’.

And when THAT happens, the knives will come out.

They might even remember why politics wasn’t supposed to be a career in the first place.

At any rate, it would be VERY entertaining to report on.

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