SELECTIVE: Why Are THESE Heinous Crimes Not Getting Media Attention?

Written by Kenn Daily on March 2, 2017

Imagine the media firestorm had a white teen murdered an elderly black man and set him on fire.

There was no firestorm. The crime was black-on-white.

According to, 85-year-old Gene Emory Dacus was murdered in his own backyard. The suspect is a neighborhood teenager.

Thomas Sims, now 19, has been indicted on charges of capital murder, reports say. The motive for the crime appears to be robbery. The accused allegedly made off with the elderly Korean War veterans wallet and pickup truck.

The crime occurred in North Birmingham, Alabama in 2016.

From we read:

A Birmingham teen has been indicted in the killing of an elderly Korean War veteran who was stabbed and then set on fire in his North Birmingham back yard. A Jefferson County grand jury indicted Thomas Sims, now 19, with capital murder, according to records made public Wednesday. Sims, a neighbor of victim Gene Emory Dacus, has been jailed without bond since August 2016. Court records show the 85-year-old Dacus, known by his neighbors as “Mr. Gene,” was killed during the theft of his Dodge pickup truck, as well as his wallet. The case against Sims, who lived near the victim, was bound over to a grand jury after a preliminary hearing was held last October. A judge ruled there was enough evidence to present the case for indictment consideration because Sims admitted to being present while Dacus was stabbed, admitted to burning Dacus and was seen by a witness driving Dacus’ truck after the slaying. The grand jury issued the indictment Feb. 10.

• A 16-year-old black boy strangled his girlfriend to death in 1976.

Susan Jacobson, a white girl, was only 14-year-old when she died at the hands of Dempsey Hawkins.

The convicted killer was born in London but migrated to New York City where the murder occurred.

Now 57-years-old, Hawkins was recently released by a parole board, but only on the condition that he be deported back to the United Kingdom.

He now walks the streets in Great Britain a free man.

Not everyone is pleased with the arrangement. Among those is Barbara Reno. Reno is the sister of the murdered teen who, by our calculations would be 54-years-old had she not been murdered.

According to

“I think he’s very capable of killing again. “I pray that I’m wrong, that he’s changed and that will make something positive with his life because my sister never got the chance to lead hers. But I’m very fearful that he’ll commit another crime. “He has a bad soul. He has lied and manipulated from day one. While he was in prison he spun a ‘woe is me’ sob story, as if it was some kind of love story and he was heartbroken. “He was a very convincing liar. He had us all fooled for so long. “We’re concerned about the safety of the people in the community he’s been released into.” Family friend and retired NYPD cop Mark Corrao added: “This man has been dumped on you people. The family feel powerless. Everyone in the UK should be alerted and know what happened.”

• A 17-year-old white boy was fatally shot in Toledo, Ohio.

Two black males — brothers — have been arrested in connection with the crime. Neither is suspected of pulling the trigger that ended the life of Collin Doyle.

The actual gunman is yet to be apprehended, according to police.

Robbery was the apparent motive in the teen’s murder.

Charged with complicity to both murder and aggravated robbery are Travis Durden, 32, and Tyreese Davis, 17. Why the brothers have different surnames was not disclosed.

The crime was reported February 27, 2017.


A 17-year-old Maumee High School student was fatally shot and another teenager injured during a shooting into their vehicle in West Toledo. Collin Doyle was treated at the scene Wednesday night and transported to ProMedica Toledo Hospital, where he died several hours later, Toledo police said. A second victim, Armand Batey,16, also was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive, according to police.

There were two other people in the same vehicle, but Toledo police Lt. Joe Heffernan said he could not comment as to whether they were juveniles. The teenagers who were shot were in the back of the vehicle. Police were dispatched to a report of shots fired about 8:14 p.m. in the area of Hillcrest Avenue and Willys Parkway. Both teens were found at Hazelhurst and Sylvania avenues, but the crime scene was located at Hazelhurst and Hillcrest avenues, according to a police report.

• A white woman was brutally raped and murdered in Toledo, Ohio. The crime received scant news coverage outside the area and was virtually ignored by feminists who feign to champion women’s rights; particularly sexual abuse.

Trace Lindell Williams, 37, had entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. That plea was withdrawn based on results from a psychological evaluation, according to

Dead is 40-year-old Sonja Long.

Details of the homicide were reported by in November, 2016.

“Toledo police are investigating a dead body found in a park just feet way from a daycare center. The body was found in Inez Nash Park. It’s located next to the Wayman D. Palmer Community YMCA.”

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