TOTAL BS: Illegal Alien Students RAPE 14yr. Old Girl – No Word From School District

Published on March 20, 2017

If you needed more arguments for Extreme Vetting or School Choice? Here you go.

A fourteen-year-old girl. In her school bathroom. During ordinary class hours.

Forcibly raped (in every conceivable manner) by two illegal immigrants. Her classmates. Aged 17 and 18.

Have a look:

Where’s Obama’s ‘If it saves just one life’ or ‘for the children’ handwringing now?


Yeah. Little late for that now, isn’t it?

They’ve already ruined the life of one young girl. And STILL the emphasis is on ‘protecting’ those DREAMers who just came here for a better life.

They were here illegally. And they were welcomed and given Sanctuary to do so.

Will ANYONE pay a price for that?

Anybody, that is, BESIDES their innocent victim?

Share if this is the REAL reason offering ‘sanctuary’ is dangerously stupid.


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