UBER-GROSS: What Happened In This UBER Car Will Encourage You To WALK!

Published on March 28, 2017

NASTY! Does Ashley Judd have an alibi for the night in question?

It’s not just a lack of self-respect. This is beyond gross.

The bodily fluids involved? Are you familiar with the term ‘communicable diseases’?


The video doesn’t show anything explicit, but you can figure out that the couple in the back seat are doing ‘the nasty’.

Of course MOST people using that phrase just mean ‘sex’.

They DON’T mean the disgusting mess that was left in the poor owner’s back seat.

(Fair warning: have you barf bags at the ready before you read further. His language is blunt, but what THEY actually DID is what is truly gross.)

Here ya go. The worst part is what I found in the backseat. Yes I was pissed. No I did not know what they were doing, as I was driving and not paying attention. Yes I contacted UBER about a cleaning fee, but to no avail they denied compensation after constant emails. They were probably scared of Feminazis spreading bad PR about how UBER doesn’t support a lady’s monthly flow. Now if people start getting physical I tell them to cut that shit out or they can walk. I’m all for some hand exploration, but the game changes when waded up pieces of toilet paper soaked in blood get left behind on someone’s seat. –Source: Liveleak

… Monthyly flow.

…Soaked in blood.

Like Ashley Judd’s much-publicized bedsheets.


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