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VIRAL VIDEO: Radioactive Wild Boars Take Over Japanese City – No, We’re NOT Joking

Japan… Animal… Radioactive.
Turns out, we’ve had the story wrong all along.

Since the Nuclear Age began, we’ve been telling stories about the threat a radioactive animal would pose.

He looked like this:


Now that there’s been a nuclear reactor meltodown? Real life tells a different story. About pigs.


Ok… not quite THAT. But it’s closer.

Japan has feral pigs. Radioactive ones. A LOT of them.

Thousands of radioactive boars are overrunning farmland in Fukushima

Turns out, now that it’s safe to go back, pigs have already called it home. And they don’t want to leave.

Funny thing is? That’s not the FIRST time we’ve seen a radioactive pig story. They are a legacy of Chernobyl, too. And a problem in Germany.

Ted Nugent could probably offer a suggestion to solve the radioactive boar problem. It might even be good for tourism!

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