WATCH: 11yr. Old Bad@ss SHOOTS Burglar And Delivers EPIC Message To Him Via TV

This kid knew just what to do when a burglar entered his house. Lesson learned.

This Talladega pre-teen was home alone when a burglar that came into his house, threatened to kill him and began to rob the place.

11-year old Chris Gaither grabbed a 9mm handgun and told him that he was going to kill him if he didn’t get out of his house.

The burglar didn’t think it was a real gun, though.

Boy, was he wrong.

As the robber was leaving with a hamper full of stuff, Chris shot him in the leg.

Watch him calmly recount the story to the local news:

Gaither even mocked the burglar in the news report.

‘He started cryin’ like a little baby.’


This isn’t the first time that the man had robbed the Gaither home.

They don’t know him, but the same man has been there before.

Chris Gaither has a message for him:

‘I hope you learned your lesson for coming to this house trying to steal stuff.’

Yeah, he’s probably got that down now.

A 9mm full metal jacket gets the point across quite well.

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