WATCH: Armed Robber Robs The WRONG Frickin’ Bank – Gets A 1-Way Ticket To Hell

Published on March 15, 2017

Gee, what went wrong? It looks so easy in the movies.

Whatever else he may have done, this thug will be most remembered for those miserable last twelve seconds of his life.

Are you paying attention anti-gun advocates?

The thug with a gun didn’t care about proper use. Or licencing. Or laws and human life generally. He marched into a bank, weapon drawn.

The good guy in our story happened to be a guard. But this could have been the same happy ending with an off-duty cop, or even an armed citizen with Concealed Carry permit.

Notice that, despite their opinion of guns, even a British newspaper calls this guard a ‘hero’. It’s that cut-and-dried.

Hero security guard saves colleagues’ lives as he shoots ‘drugged-up’ robber in terrifying bank raid

A security guard is being hailed a hero for saving his colleagues’ lives after shooting a ‘drugged-up’ bank robber.

Brian Harrison will not face criminal charges after firing two shots and fatally injuring the masked man.

The incident occurred on January 20 at the Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois.

Police say 34-year-old Laurence Turner, from Rockford, tried to rob the bank on Friday afternoon. —Mirror

And yes, Turner was dead at the scene.

His obit proves that death has a ridiculous habit of making ‘saints’ out of everybody.

It includes the following:

He enjoyed music, DJ-ing, recording music, sports, watching movies, especially science fiction movies, collecting shoes, and he loved animals. Larry will be most remembered for his big heart, and he would do anything for anyone.

It somehow left out the ‘he will be most remembered for getting his sorry ass shot dead in a bank while he tried to rob it at gunpoint… while stoned.’

But that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

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